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Lucy is a very natural and brilliant acupuncturist.  I had acupuncture to help with the pain in my shoulder after injuring it 3 months beforehand.  After my first treatment I regained most of my movement back in my shoulder, it was sorted in just a couple of sessions. Lucy has treated me for a bad ear infection and after the treatment I felt so much better as she had cured the dizziness and vertigo in one treatment. On another occasion my mood was very high and Lucy could tell from my pulse that my body & mind needed calming. After the treatment I felt so relaxed and calm, it felt like I floated out of the room. Lucy is very thorough with checking pulses, looking at my tongue and listening to what I say. I have had quite a few acupuncturists but Lucy gets to the root of the problem very quickly. She has a great bedside manner too. I would highly recommend you Lucy to all my friends and family
I don’t often write reviews but on this occasion I truly feel the need to give accreditation for the proffessional manner and depth of knowledge given on the sessions I have been lucky to received You can instantly tell the deference with Chinese Accupuncture trained therapists, again the depth of knowledge and understanding of the bodies meridians is second to none and the willingness to help you is outstanding. I will surely be booking my on going treatment here. Sam
I don't usually write reviews but I wanted to do one for Lucy as she has worked wonders in helping me with my health 'problems'. I have improved so much since I have seen her and it is worth every penny!!
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