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I can’t believe your response to my case, I lost my car, days of work, i I have to pay for deductible, paid doctor evaluation, etc. But if I don’t have major injuries you can’t represent me, when I’m a victim of a felony because the accident was hit and run. THANK YOU FOR NOTHING
Hugo hernandez
When I called their office they were quickly able to give me the information I need! I recently had an opporation done and I couldn’t leave the house so they came all the way from San Francisco to meet with me at my home. They gave useful Information and were very honest.
The first receptionist was good and took down my information but then she passed me on to. Different woman and she flat out said her firm will not be taking the case. When I asked why her replay was it doesn’t matter the explanation we will not be taking your case.
Reviewed my case and got an answer within days very happy with the paralegal response would definitely recommend the lawyers
Frank Gonzo
they call me and I spoke with a customer service guy and he suppose to connect me with a labor lawyer and still waiting
Very polite and very fast...they actually move fast and check up on you they have answers for every question!
professional and courteous, took my case with no problems and help me get the help I need it with my accident
I found out that the defensores are very professional,also they have pront response to your question
Good service during late evening after hours. We appreciate somebody was there for us.
They got everything moving my therapy for all my family.
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