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Matlock;Lime Tree Business Park, Lime Tree Rd;DE4 3EJ

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07577 754698


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Lime Tree Music Centre is a great music centre with very friendly and talented musicians, ive been playing the drums under Harry there and his friendly and dedicated attitude always makes me want to go back. Harry has always been polite to me and has always given his time up to help me. I've met The vocalist and the piano teacher there and i can say all the staff are polite and are all helpful. All of them just want the best out of there students. I now use Lime Tree Music Centre for band practice as well as learning the drums. I would highly recommend the music centre as I've learnt a lot and i can guarentee you will. Outstanding service delivered by harry and his staff.
The music centre at Matlock is a great place to learn. I play piano under Chris and although I've only been doing it a couple of weeks I love it. Chris is a polite man that always has patience and is always there to assist you. Learning the piano is always something that I have looked at and never actually put in place because of travelling out of the town centre and paying the price that is asked by all the other musicians. The competitive prices at Matlock music centre turned me straight to their place. The building is situated in Matlock and isn't outside like most places so it was perfect for me. I highly recommend Matlock music centre
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