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Stephen Baxter
When I first moved into the property there were several serious defects. The hot water system was not working and it took over two months and several subcontractor visits to make operational. The system is 50 years old and eventually will fail. The company moved offices at least twice in 5 years but never notified me, My property turned into a building site for 3 months when they decided to carryout an exterior refurbishment. The company were unable to diagnose the cause of condensation on the interior ceilings and this resulted in ten seperate visits to the property over several weeks with an incorrect diagnosis of a leaking roof. After the company refused to provide a dehumidifier, I purchased my own and solved the issue. It was furtutitous that I bought my own cooker as the noname item supplied had dangerous wiring.
My husband and I had a pleasure to rent a flat with Lets Make Home agency. People who work there helped us with completing all relevant documents, they were always on time with pleasant manner and highly cooperative. We were well looked after from beginning to the end therefore we would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who needs professional help with finding their dream property. Paulina and Greg.
Rhia Miller
Great service from start to finish.
Pauleen Birrell
I was a tenant for near 2 years, i had no issues, any problems they were dealt with very quickly, the property was very clean and the white goods were in good order
Justin McGuigan
Shambles of a company. Nothing happens quickly. When work needs done we need to chase it up to get done. Constant excuses made. Damp and bad smell in bedroom and no blind up which they said; "Although it's unsightly it's acceptable to live in". Use Cowboy repair people to fix problems in the property. Kenny the repair man put a blind up onto a soaking wet surface and it fell off 2 days later. Glad I wasnt underneath this. Face to face they are welcoming and interested but over emails they wipe their hands with it and give nothing back. Also didnt advise properly of Health & Safety but put down on paper we were advised.
Stephen Baxter
When I first made contact with the agent is was operated by David Kendal. Subsequently he took on a partner called Ed who I never met and the company relocated its office twice without informing me. Major issues were 1. Exterior refurbishment over a ten week period that meant I had to vacate the property during the day due to noise, dust and lack of privacy 2. Condensation on the interior ceilings that was incorrectly diagnosed by South Lanarkshire Council as being a leaking roof when in fact it was a build up of moisture in the flat - there being no extraction in the bathroom or kitchen. 3. A number of subcontractors did poor quality work - one flooding a floor that leaked into the flat below and another failing to carryout some painting to an acceptable standard. In summary I would say that the Landlord did not operate to acceptable standards of problem solving , maintenance and communication.
Whilst my partner and I had to leave ‘Let’s Make Homes’ due to the landlord putting the property up for sale, everything ran completely smoothly from moving in until leaving date. We were even given two and a half months notice, so a little bit longer than was required. Shame their other available properties at the time weren’t suitable for our needs as me my partner loved renting from them.
MR John S.
Great first letting experience with Let's Make Homes, can't rate them highly enough, helped us out in the middle of a crisis. Any issues that may come up are dealt with swiftly and to your satisfaction, extremely well run letting agency. Thanks once again Ed.
Joan Wills
Let's make homes are a very thorough and helpful company who made it a very smooth and prompt transition into to our rented property. Their communication was excellent and they were very helpful and easy to contact. I would recommend them to anyone.
Amanda Cowell
Rented a property for over two years with let’s make homes and all the team were fantastic to deal with, recently moved out and everything has went really smooth with the handover with Ed. Thanks again.
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