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Melissa K.
Just received my second set of lenses from LensFactory. The first set they did for me back in 2016. I purchased my frames locally and sent them to LensFactory using the free shipping service they offer. Easy peasy. I used LensFactory again because (a) they did a great job on my progressive lenses last time and (b) the price was almost $350 less than LensCrafters, where I got my eye exam (LensCrafters wanted $645 for lenses only—not including frames or exam—compared with $299 at LensFactory). One of my eyes has a very high prescription (-10), but LensFactory set the lens so that the thick edge is less obvious. The turnaround time was a little long (about 10 days). That would be my only criticism.
i found that the on site menu can be confuzing , i feel that due to the many different frames ,hinges ect renewing your latest perscription can be premature . you should first get the customers frames then contact the customer and discuss what the frames can or cannot be expected to do, as far as the glass tint, bifocal, transition options can be disscussed at this time as well. some customers are better understanding all and some need guidence like me. my last order is case in point.
Richard F
I’ve had the lens replaced in 3 sets of frames over the last few years, they were progressive, anti reflective, and photochromic, all three experances were perfect. I’ve recommended Lens Factory to all my family members and friends who ware glasses or have a family member who does. Lens Factory has made this process painless, and at a great price. Thank you Lens Factory
That rare thing these days, a quality job, performed quickly and for a decent price. I had progressive lenses, tinted, installed in my Ray-Ban folding Wayfarer all for less than I paid for the Wayfarers originally. I highly recommend their service and will most definatly be a repeat customer in the future.
If you are nervous about sending in your frames, don’t be! I sent my old Versace frames to get new polarized lens and they came back better than the original lens! Can’t thank Lensfactory enough!
V. S.
I am very satisfied. I highly recommend them. My bifocals are perfect, I love that they are glass. I will use their mail service again, it was easy.
Seamless transaction from start to finish . Received glasses earlier than expected. Will definitely be using their services in the future.
Rollen Anderson
Everything was good but the distance portion of the lens is a little fuzzy. Will have another exam in January and compare.
They're reasonably priced. They will accept your phone call. They are responsive to your needs.
Tim Ransberger
A little glitch in the ordering but overall I'm very satisfied with this company.
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