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This is the first time i have used Leconfield Kennels after being recommended. We booked short notice due to a change of circumstance and plan, my dogs were in for 10 days in August 2018. Contact was made initially via facebook messenger and answered promptly, then followed up with a phone call. Have just collected my 2 dogs (4 year old fear reactive sensitive border collie and a 12 year old yorkie) and am delighted with their care whilst there. I messaged whilst away to check my dogs were ok and got a very quick answer and photographic evidence to demonstrate this. I then saw on their facebook page other photos showing my dogs enjoying play time and cuddles (a massive achievement for my flighty collie). A big thumbs up to all the staff I encountered, in particular to the dog whisperer - Kerry, who took the time to alleviate my concerns about my 'special needs' dog and show me around the kennels. Would definitely recommend and plan to only use these kennels again in the future.
My dog is nearly 12 years old and so has been to quite a few different groomers. Up till now had only found 1 who I would trust going back to - when he has been picked up he is either a bit subdued, which worries me, or his coat is so badly trimmed I retrim him as soon as get home. I Found Leconfield Groomers on google a couple of weeks ago and booked my dog in. They were lovely as soon as walked in through the door - I was impressed to be handed a contract to read beforehand - struck me as professional and meant they were taking the job seriously. Picked my dog up later and far from being subdued - he was running to each of the staff for hugs and attention - usually he's dragging me out the door. This tells me he has been really cared for the whole time he was there. He is groomed to a high standard, smells lovely and clean (for now!) and his coat is lovely and soft. I am sure he must feel much better for it and I am happy to have found a groomer who I can trust with my dog.
Hi, she's Petal2, and I'm Bouya. We are both Persian and proud of it - She's long haired and torty in colour and I'm short haired and sort of ginger and white. So that's us.... We have often been to Leconfield Cattery - and really do enjoy it - we have a large cage-like home - with a ladder to climb. Boss-cat (from home) gives us a whole load of boxes and lids and carpet pieces to snuggle into. That's great. My little sister particularly likes a tiny little Kingsway apple box - it's so small, but she does snuggle into it! The food is good and there is plenty of it and we can talk to other friends in the other cages. Our temporary boss-cats are very friendly and helpful and keep our place clean and airy. We enjoyed our stay recently - so much so, we didn't really want to return with our boss-cat. However, we did and it is nice to be home and in our room (which we allow our boss-cat to use as his office....). Thank you everyone! Bouya and Petal2 XXXX
We recently left our new pup (17 weeks old) here for 4 days and as it's the first time we used pet boarding we were very nervous. When we got there we were greeted by 3 of the staff and they were genuinely lovely ladies and I could tell instantly how much they love animals. They really reassured us and after one last fuss of our pooch we left. A couple of days later his photo and even a video were put on Facebook and Instagram so we could see how he was enjoying his doggy holiday. He looked genuinely happy. When we collected him they explained that as hes a pup he kept getting a bit excited and wee a little on himself so they had given him a bath for us. He smelled lush and his fur was so soft and shiny. Will definitely try their grooming service in the future. Overall a fantastic experience of leaving our fur baby. Would recommend to anyone.
Our cat Tyrion has stayed with Leconfield kennels and cattery a few times now, and the staff are fabulous! Special mention to Kerry and Sophie, they work really hard to make their residents feel special, but all of the staff there really are brilliant. Tyrion is familiar with all of the staff and comfortable with them all. On his first visit he went in with a cast on his leg (from falling off the garage at home) and I knew he'd be cared for there as much as he would at home. Can't praise them enough. Tyrion staying with them again in a few weeks and I know he'll be happy and in safe expert hands!
Lil my shy Whippet has been going to stay at the Leconfield Dog Kennels now for a couple of years. She loves it, she is well cared for and the staff are warm, professional and always delighted to see her. It's a great relief knowing my dog is safe and being looked after as I do worry and I have no hesitation in recommending. I had previously used another kennels with another dog but I would not go back there as it was not as friendly and welcoming as this one. 10/10 for pet care - love it!
our dog stayed at the Leconfield kennels for two nights and everything went very well. Bob is a border terrier that can be aggressive to other dogs. When we collected him from the kennels, he was calm and content. We took the opportunity to have his nails clipped and they did a much better job than I've done in the past. Its not a luxurious environment, its a comfortable farm setting, which is fine by us. We look forward to using this establishment again.
We have used Leconfield Kennels a number of times now with our dog and are extremely happy with the service. Our dog always arrives excited and happy to go, and when we pick him up he's clearly happy and well looked after. The staff are all polite, happy and knowledgeable and clearly know the animals in their care. I will be more than happy to use the service again in the future, and would recommend it to others.
I had a French bulldog and a old English bulldog stay with these people. Even if I had cancer again I would never use this place. The dogs came out like on valium and very scared instead of the usual happiness. I complained even Barclays looking into it and when health better reporting to onbudsman and rspca DISGUSTING I have use this place many times but never again after u collected them in May.
I have been taking my dogs to Leconfield kennels for many years, who unlike some of the other kennels which seem to be in it just for the money they are always helpful and put the animals’ welfare first. In fact my dog (which doesn’t get on with most people) can’t wait to get there in a morning. So like to old saying goes if your dog likes them they must be good.
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