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Langtoninfo in my experience do not deliver. Instead they tell you to check with other members of your household or your local Royal Mail Office without providing proof they have delivered your item. I am still waiting for my purchase to be delivered to me.
Tiffy M Rose
I hold the copyright 4 my book and I never authorized this company to sell my work. Now they have it listed at double the price listed on the ISBN. This is terrible and a breach of confidentiality to my work.
Jeff Ingham
Obviously you can't please aii the people all the time! I bought a $100 watch from Langton Dist and the experience could not have been better. 3 days from the acknowledgement email to the shipped email and it arrived before the due date... well done you guys at Langtons, I couldn't be happier ?
Franklin Wells
Shipped wrong item (wrong color); won't send shipping label for return--would cost me $50. Will not respond to inquiries. Unethical seller.
Made an order. Took my money. Told me it was shipped. Contacted me well over 2 weeks later with what appeared to an automated message saying it was out of stock and they can't find it from any of their suppliers after which they readvertised the item at a heavily inflated price. Seems strange that one minute they couldn't get the item and then the next day they're selling the exact same thing at a higher price. Oh, and they asked me not to give them negative feedback and rather to email them to resolve the matter. So i emailed them. 4 times. No response. So well done Langton and Roxy Books. Never have written a bad review about a seller before and you're the first. Lessons from this experience: * Always read reviews before purchasing. * Advise friends and family of the experience. * Encourage ebay to lift their standards and crack down on this sort of unethical conduct.
James Rafalski
Did some quick Christmas shopping through Amazon and received a $75 shipping charge on a $5 item and they would not accept a return. Shady, unethical, dishonest, thieves are the words I'd use to describe Langton distribution! Dont walk, run away from this company. They will rob you blind. Do business with a reputable company and save yourself the hassle. James Rafalski
Ciprian Laurence
Unrealiable unrealistic professional liers !! Stay away from them !!!! Item bought with 27 pounds. Seller was telling us he is out of stock then made an offer on 45 !!!!! Screxxx this Sxxxxit !!!!!
Based in the UK, I emailed Langton to send me an item directly (within the EU) as through I could not get the item posted to me. Sent another email a week later, never a reply. Seeing the reviews here, I now know that this company is indeed rubbish.
Henk V
These are scammers - be aware! I bought a book which I needed for my course, for the lowest price I could find (still not that cheap!). They then got back to me to say they had sold that particular book, but that I could find the same book on their website - it turns out they were right, but for FIVE times the original price!!!! ????? What??? Are you having a laugh? Who do you think I am? Santa Claus? As I was trying to buy through Abebooks, they themselves were making excuses for this company and didn't want to know. So much for caring for your customers....
Peter Gregory
Miniature Bibles. I like to give these to Christian Education students in primary schools. The eBay item offered a "Pack of 50 (25 red and 25 dark green)" for $20.90 (the price on this item changes frequently). When the delivery arrived it was just 1 miniature Bible. I complained and they offered a refund if I returned the item. The wording of their eBay offering was misleading and unacceptable, resulting in a complete waste of my time. I can only suggest that eBay users steer clear of Langton Distribution trading as roxy*books.
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