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Diane Newman
Highly recommend, if 10 stars was an option, I would have chosen that review. Honestly I was a little leery because this company was offering the least expensive package deal and I usually believe in the saying that you get what you pay for. I am so glad that I went with my instincts and hired Nyle in spite of my reservations. He was honest, easy to deal with, super-fun and engaging during the wedding with my guests and I and he did a FANTASTIC job!! I cannot say enough good things about him and AZmazing rentals. The slow motion booth was the highlight of my reception and the final montage that he put together is a keepsake that I will always have to look back at, watch, laugh and remember the fantastic time that I had on my BIG Day. Thank you Nyle and AZmazing!!!
Jason Wilkes
This was an excellent addition to our reception and a huge attraction. Everyone loved the props that could be used in the videos. I highly recommend to anyone who seeks to add that unique touch to their event!
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