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SUBSTANDARD SERVICE. Two parts to this review. This service was booked through Auto Doctor. They pretend to be a locally based service but are a nationwide agency - £70 just to call out an electrician they know nothing about. The guy from Autostyle travelled 40 miles to me - so hardly local, and when I complained, all they knew about him was his 1 online review. Refused refund. The Autostyle electrician turned up on time and was very nice and helpful. Ran a computer diagnostic and in 15 minutes told me a sensor needed replacing to stop the misfiring- one which he didn't have. I accepted that then asked him to investigate the intermittent electrical start up failure. - he tightened up two earth bolts. (£80) Booked garage to replace the sensor but car failed 3 days later. Had to be towed (£45) then charged £230 for fault to be fixed. Low voltage to ECU and sensors giving false errors. Fault was a corroded connector. Should have been identified and fixed by Autostyle. No refund.
The Guys at Autostyle collected my car after i contacted them regarding an issue with my brake lights. The vehicle had been inspected by three other garages prior to contacting Autostyle and they all took it in to try and fix it. Autostyle advised me of the "Dealer Level Tools" they had which would allow them to accurately diagnose the fault. They Had they Car fgor half the time as everyone else and managed to fix it for alot cheaper than what was quoted elsewhere!! I would definitely use recommend Autostyle to friends and family.
The MD of Autostyle was bought in on recommendation to solve some electrical issues on a community site, he charged alot of money and bought in equipment which turned out unneccessary and was solved by a simple part to resolve the issue by another technician outside of Autostyle,I would never recommended again,This review is not personal or directed at anyone or company,just open and truth as everyones experience is different. I feel its only fair to give a true experience as i have only seen positive reviews.
My boot on my Audi A4 was not registering on the car system when it was opened so the lights didn't work at all, Autostyle were very helpful, and advised every possible way to get the problem sorted and at a very good price. Couldn't have asked for a better deal and sorted the problem in no time at all.
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