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Sheffield;5 North Farm Court, Aston;S26 2EU

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0114 287 5143 ;07957 916481


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While price is competitive, everything else is terrrible. They never commit to a specific day which causes many problems when trying to coordinate different trades and deliveries. They didn’t know where they were supposed to be erecting the scaffold and didn’t bother asking even though I was at home (because last time they came I wasn’t home, some iron clad logic) - it almost went up in the wrong place. There was a ridiculous amount of profanities used - and so loud that my children in the house could hear it. I asked them to stop as it wasn’t necessary to swear, I received no apology, and the man responsible starting saying in a very immature way, “ooh, I better not get caught swearing” and “I’ll be in trouble if I swear” - which I could obviously also hear. I found their behaviour and unprofessionalism very disrespectful considering I was a customer. It took over a week for them to come and remove the scaffold which held us up greatly - and they left some of it! ???????
I called Aston and they seemed relatively responsive. They gave a competitive quote but on the day they were required to come round they never showed. This cost us £100s to contractors already booked in. Would definitely not recommend them.
Aston are a very efficient and reliable team. I would highly recommend them: Excellent service.
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