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Do not trust James or this company... they have let me down and bare-faced lied to me several times, costing me thousands. My wife and I have had them booked in for several months to complete a micro topper for our new build. After numerous no shows to site meetings, numerous questionable excuses for not replying to emails or calls, he has just told me he can’t do my job. 5 days before he is meant to start. After promising he would be on site and had material and accommodation booked... both clearly lies. Stupidly we have always given the benefit of the doubt. They have been given several opportunities to let me know they couldn’t do the job, which would have allowed me to book another company. Now, cancelling 5 days before the job I can’t move into my new house for months until I find another company, which will cost me thousands in rent and storage costs. Unfortunately for us, we can only state that these guys are clearly not to be trusted.
Alan and James carried out the plaster and concrete works at our new-build property. We had invaluable input at the design stages, and their attention to detail throughout the works exceeded our expectations.
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