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In the recent storms the fence in my back garden was blown over by the wind. I needed 5 posts and panels replaced to secure my garden again for my children and our dogs. Mike came out the day I contacted Artifex home improvements, I stressed that I needed the job done urgently and I had the quote posted through the door that afternoon as well as an email with the details! I was a little sceptical, if Im honest, as Mike explained that Artifex was a new company, although they had been builders for many years. I had flashes of appearing on cowboy builders but as it was a small job and Mike seemed like a nice bloke, I agreed to give them the job. So glad I did! The work was carried out swiftly and professionally and they even cleared everything up, leaving my garden looking better than it had before the storms!! I can honestly recommend these guys and will be calling them back for future work.
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