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I have had my French Mastiff Syrus with Ben from being a very young puppy and have always had excellent service and care. Syrus is now a very strong and powerful dog which could make vet appointments tricky but Syrus actually loves visiting the vets! As soon as we pull up he is pulling on his lead to get into see them. Earlier in the year I had Syrus neutered and the care he received was second to none and it hasn't put him off going! Ben is always happy to talk you through everything and give you the time, attention and advice necessary to keep your animal healthy and happy. I will not use another vet and even though I moved away from Carlton I have kept Syrus registered here. I can't recommend Ben highly enough and think him highly skilled and will always do the best possible for an animal.
Thank you for looking after Nala she is back to normal now and driving us all mad!!!
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