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I have been attending this facility for 40 + years but it has never been so shoddy, cold pool (when they actaully open all the pool facilities due to lack of lifeguards), cold and dirty changing rooms. An acquaintance had a party in the sports hall recently at great expense and was greeted with nothing, not 1 activity, some young member of staff (clearly out of his depth) had 5 year old girls in party dresses taking penalties against him for an hour, total joke .I was an active member but will never frequent the badly run place again.
as a place is ok for the price you pay for and its cleane compering to the others . Swimming pool most of the time is busy and needs to be sorted correctly in time wise as some times you caming , pay money ,but the is no space to swim !!! Some of the staff is very nice ,but few if the people including duti manager is rude and not competent at all.
What shall i say or where to start. Just to let you know the most dirtiest swimming ever i saw in my life. From changing room to pool in worst in men changing room Please don't let your kids get into the pool if you care
Very poor facilities, no barriers, rubbish nets,especially poor for competitive facilities
I've been a member here for about a year. The facilities are excellent, I use the fitness centre mostly but have also used the pool, badminton courts and also seen the climbing wall. Everything is well maintained and nice and modern. Just a few annoying things, considering 3-month membership costs £38 a month, which seems very expensive for the council run fitness centre, for that price you wouldn't expect school kids running around everywhere. It is linked with the high school next door and sometimes the kids are loud and annoying, using customer changing rooms for P.E. lessons etc. I once went in to get changed and there was a whole class of noisy kids in there, there was no room for me to get changed and their teacher did not even seem bothered that they weren't meant to be using it! I never go to the gym during the start or end of school either, it's just crazy with kids everywhere. Avoid 9am and 3pm!! Staff are ok but not always friendly; well, some of the male staff are very friendly but only with young attractive female customers it seems!! I've also heard them swearing and lots of banter between them etc., they are mostly young men. It's basically what you'd expect from your local council fitness centre but probably not worth £38 a month and I will be switching to somewhere else when my membership expires - private health clubs such as Fitness First, Bannatynes etc. don't cost much more than this and are nicer.
This leisure centre offers great value for money at only £19.95 per month. This gives you unlimited use of the gym PLUS if you fancy mixing up your routine you can take a class, go for a swim or visit another gym LONDON centre for just £2.00 per visit. For other great gym membership deals in the Bromley area check out
Having only used the swimming pool side of the centre, I can say this is a well maintained, child friendly establishment who give discounted rates for the unemployed. The staff are friendly and go that extra mile as my child found out when her phone's battery ran down, they phoned me to let me know she was ready to be picked up. There are snack and drink dispensing machines and a poolside (behind glass) seated area. I would recommend this centre to anybody.
I attended the new Aquanatal class (fitness/relaxation class for pregenant ladies) at the Health hydro in the small pool. Thursday 9.30am-10.30am It was so relaxing and fun and I got to meet other pregnent mums to be....brilliant :) well done Health hydro !
I attended the new Aquanatal class (exercise class for pregnant ladies) on a Thursday 9.30-10.30am at the Health Hydro and I found it was very relaxing and I got to meet other Mums to be, it was brilliant !
Not only it smells so bad while working out but when I wanted to open the windows which are made for refreshing the room the manager Mr Wong, refused he said that the AC is on so no fresh air, then I asked him if we could have a deetol spray in the gym area as there is some disposable papers to wipe the machine he said no we don't use chemicals! SO I understood that they don't sterilize or use bleach to clean the machine and the leisure itself..... I spoke to a lot of members there who also are truly upset with the lack of hygiene, the smell and the lockers dirt.. I guess this leisure center if no one do something professionally to give a good and clean environment to its members won't last for long in the area
Very basic gym.not much variety,too overcrowded and all in all below average.the car park is an absolute disgrace,trying to get out of it after 6pm is a nightmare.the gym itself is far too small for the volume of people using it,very basic apparatus and the down stairs free weight area is not much better than a gym in someone's home basement or garage. Out of 5 stars I'd give it 1.
Awful. Members of staff very unprofessional . Both of them spend time chatting to each other and making kids sit on the mat. Once they give them very basic activity like sitting down touching toes- staff so engaged in private conversation that cannot pay attention to bored kids. Staff looks bored all the time. Waste of money! Avoid!
I go to the gym 6/7 days a week. Incredibly friendly staff, brilliant classes suited to all levels of fitness and 2 separate gyms full of aerobic and weight training equipment. Highly recommended!!
Very good gym and very polite and helpful staff! Must join!
The gym in Barnet at Burnt Oak Leisure Centre is good.
A Good gym in Barnet at the Burnt Oak Leisure Centre.
I am a contract holding member of the gym and pay for every service gym has to offer. However, for last two months i am paying for steam room but it's not working. Fantastic ☺ and i still pay for that.
Mums don't miss out on getting fit. This creche is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9.30-12.30 Cost £1.85 1st hour, 60p for second hour. Just register your child or baby and pre book your session. Gym available and great classes. Tuesday 10.00am Bums and Tums followed by Body Conditioning. 11.00am-12.00 Wednesday Salsa Aerobics with Pauline 10.30-11.30am. Non stop Salsa moves. Friday 9.45am-10.45am Dance aerobics fast paced routines with no break for floor excercises just non stop aerobics (no time for clock watching) Pilates 10.45-11.45am Pilates based excercise get your strength back after having a baby in this class. The Creche staff are great, the creche is clean. My daughter has been visiting there since 9 weeks old, I am fitter and feel more energetic due to this facility being available. Use it while you can the creches are gradually closing in Waltham Forest, this is a great asset to our community so use the facilities and keep it open for others.
Good facilities, however for years their weights area was frequented by a strange community of males who tried to block equipment and interrupt my sets. Weights often left all over the floor or in the wrong place. Cancelled membership.
No one ever answers phone
I love coming to this gym, the staff are always friendly and the gym staff are always willing to help you. Swimming pool temperature is perfect every time lifeguards are always smiling and helpful. If your looking for a leisure center where you can rely on good customer service this is the one for you. All round very good leisure center.
Could be better. Needs a cash injection. Oh well.
2 pools, squash, badminton and 2 floors of gym, rock climbing, steam and sauna and spa faciilties - but the service there is often poor - the wristband machines were broken for around 2 months before they got them fixed, and thereis always a massive queue at reception - they need to sort this out
This centre has great facilities - gym, swimming pools, classes etc - but the staff and lazy, rude and inept. Their attitude is that they just can't be bothered. Nobody seems to be managing the place or in charge. Really shambolic, and a great pity as this would otherwise be a fantastic resource.
Good facilities and gym with latest machines and virtual classes! Well done
Staff are very nice and the library has lots of variety. The only downside is that sometimes the toilets aren’t up to scratch .
This leisure centre offers great value for money at only £19.95 per month. This gives you unlimited use of the gym PLUS if you fancy mixing up your routine you can take a class, go for a swim or visit another gym LONDON centre for just £2.00 per visit. For other great gym membership deals in the area check out
What a rip off,went for swim.Cost £3-20 parking then slight discount when going in to swim.Buy token for locker,lock locker.Then if you open again have to pay again to lock up you valuables.Staff useless,very unhelpfull.No staff in changing rooms Locks on changing cubicles broken dirty floor.
Extremely rude customer service team. No customer should be treated in this way. And the customer service team are not even doing their jobs properly and get things wrong. And there is never any admission of any wrongdoing that their staff have done. Why? I don't know. These are all facts: - Two separate customer service reps that I spoke to on the phone told me that I could either get a refund or get credit on my account. And that if I wanted a refund, they would have to contact the specific centre and get someone at the centre to investigate and approve it first, and then a refund will be made to me. - This did not happen. I waited almost 2 weeks. - Then, they issued me with credit on my account, even though I did not ask for it. - They also credited my account the WRONG AMOUNT. - I called up again. And was transferred to someone more 'senior'. I asked him why no-one had contacted the specific centre yet. He said to me, rudely "No I am not going to contact the specific centre and we will not be dictated by our members". This was an extremely rude way to be spoken to and is poor customer service. He came across as if I was being rude to him by telling him to go do something that is not part of his job. - His reasoning for saying what he said (but not the way/tone that he spoke to me in) was that actually the customer service HQ does NOT contact specific centres for refunds, and if a customer wants a refund they have to contact the centre themselves. THIS IS LITERALLY NOT WHAT THE OTHER CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS TOLD ME. So the other customer service reps told me FACTUALLY INCORRECT information. TWICE. - When I replied to this more 'senior' person telling him exactly what the previous reps told me. He ignored me. He never addressed his previous comment and instead he continued talking about something else. Why did he ignore me, given what he just accused me of? This is bad customer service. - I said "wait a minute, let's go back a second, I am not dictating anything to you. Your own staff told me this is something you as customer service HQ should do and are doing for me right now. TWO SEPARATE PEOPLE TOLD ME THIS" - His response was "no we don't need to go back. I am not going to talk about anything else". His tone was rude. And then he just carried on talking. 1) Why did he not go back and address what he accused me of? That's bad customer service. He shouldn't have spoken to me in that rude tone in the first place and accuse me of what he accused me of, and plus I wasn't even actually dictating anything to him I was just going on what his own staff told me. So this should be addressed by him. He should have apologised for accusing me of dictating to him. He did not. 2) Why did he continue to speak rudely to me, given what I just told him. I was under the impression that they contact the centre for the customers, given that their own staff told me that, and now I've just explained that to him, so he should know exactly why I asked what I asked, so there is absolutely no reason to continue to be rude to me. Yet he was. That is also bad customer service. In my opinion, I would have liked him to actually address what I was talking about. Instead he just ignored me and carried on. Even better would be an apology for how he accused me of something and how he spoke to me, and an apology that TWO of his staff told me what he claims is incorrect stuff. He did none of this. Anyway, there was never an admission of any error or incorrect information, ever. This is a fact. And yet it is a shame they there were multiple errors and incorrect things.
I am updating my review as it is not my intention to fall out with Better and for my membership to be cancelled. I have been a member of Gosling for just over a year. In that time the level of cleanliness in the ladies changing room has deteriorated. It is easy to understand that during the day the changing room facilities will become dirty however the shower facilities unfortunately have a build up of detergent which makes the tile surface slippery. We know that the company have made an effort to address the issues in the changing area but still there are rotten tiles on the ceiling and the general appearance isn’t aesthetically pleasing. As highlighted earlier The swimming costume ‘spinner/dryer’ in the ladies changing room is obviously leaking. There is a pool of water under the unit and it’s hard to believe no one has noticed as there is an odour. Perhaps you could put an ‘out of order’ notice up to stem any future leaking? It is unfortunate that the changing rooms let down what is a overall a good facility which offers excellent classes and easy booking. In hindsight I will amend my star rating to 2 but would like to see a much improved cleaning regime before increasing further.
Rosie McGrath
I have recently joined better gym and it's fair to say the first impressions have not been good. I joined three weeks ago and I've only been to one class in that time due to issues with booking the classes through the app and the website. It let me book one and then after ever since it is telling me that my account is not active , but when I go into my profile its telling me it is? When you try look for a customer service number it is non existent and when you email them they don't respond. Thinking of cancelling and taking my membership elsewhere if I don't hear any emails back soon. Can I suggest to better gym to even open a live online chat?? Surely this would be a efficient way of communicating with your customers, the most important ones that help keep any business open. If you could reply to my email that would great to resolve the issue quickly thanks
They are quite happy to take my money in the form of a monthly membership, however they fail to provide the services. My payments include use of the swimming pool, however lane swimming is being cut more and more so they can cater to families rather than providing services to the whole community. Set aside some lanes for lane swimming (while still having some lanes for families). They keep cutting provision more and more. How are we supposed to stay fit and healthy when the local pool does not provide sufficient swimming opportunities. Membership is a rip off
Sandra Chaumont
Better gym: New leisure centre in shambles impossible to get to resolve issues either face to face or via emails, not able to speak to anyone on phone or no online chat facilities. Have been given wrong or contradicting information so many times, when approaching staff in leisure centre always being brushed off. Numerous emails sent still not getting answers and it seems that they still have time to read the reviews as it seems the only way they respond to unhappy people... I am really annoyed this has gone on for the best part of 2 months losing my patience.
Alice Page
I have been a member at Better, across a few gyms, for a long time. But I recently moved to the Thornton Heath branch and have been very disappointed, the gym facilities are not well considered and cleanliness is a big issue. Therefore, I sent a message asking how I go about cancelling my membership. I had an email back saying someone would get in contact to talk it through with me. Now suddenly 2 weeks later I arrive at the gym to tell me my membership was cancelled - no communication, no warning, no nothing. A truly terrible customer experience.
I had a query about membership & class costs. I had an online chat with Dan, who responded promptly to every question I had. I am not 100% sure that I fully understand your pricing structure, but that takes nothing away from the way my query was dealt with. I would also like to add, that I attend classes at Copeland Pool & fitness centre & find all your staff, cleaners, reception staff & Stacey & Joanne the instructors really friendly, welcoming & helpful.
Better gym: if I could give zero, I would. Classes consistently cancelled, not informed, staff unhelpful, no fast track machines, charges you when you attend classes and no reply when you ask for help/ remove charges! To continue to book classes of which I pay for- really poor service
Happy member
This was a very good experience, first time I’ve had a problem, and it was solved in email within 48 hours. This is a very good gym and in the heart of London we’re there a lot of members to deal with, mine was still sorted as a priority I really recommend the gym 100% ?
Bernadine Harry
I wrote a review on her recently about the Better gym and there lack of communication when it came to my refund, I would like to thank Steve from better for his help with me getting my refund back, although it still took over a month in total, I am very grateful for his help
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