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My purchase was painful as lots of problems with all 4 blinders and delays in hanging them (3 appointments to hang but an issue each time) however my lounge blinds are as I want only after I had to send them back as they all stopped at different levels so had to be re hung. Bit of a challenge in getting applewood to take them back to do this but I stuck my heels in and now they look lovely. The kitchen blind however went in the bin yesterday. 18 months in and about 8 weeks ago it would not pull down. The tension had gone and despite following the guide notes left when purchased it would not fix. £70 down the drain plus the cost of a new one, but not from applewood!
They were very helpful and knowledgeable which made choosing my blinds very simple in the comfort of my own home. The fitting was prompt and there was no mess. I'm really pleased with the blinds and the service.
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