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Cardiff;Severn House, Station Terrace, Cowbridge Rd West, Ely;CF5 4AA

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Witnessed some really appalling driving from two Apollo minibuses recently. Both speeding up the lane intended for buses, undertaking the very heavy traffic on both lanes of the dual carriageway before one with no indication suddenly swerved through a practically non-existent gap across both lanes of traffic into the fast lane. Right on the exit of a busy turn off. The second one then carried on and actually used the slip road for the junction to swerve across and back onto the dual carriageway. I witnessed the cars they pulled in front of having to slam their brakes on. And the worst part? Both vans had a school children sign on the back and the company website advertises 'school contracts'. One driver also had a cigarette on the go hanging out of the window. Awful driving and have been reported to the police.
The woman driver for apollo was extremely offensive and full of bad language as she charged towards me outside fairwater police station on the school run. She had a bus full of disabled ♿ children who all I looked very scared as she came out with extreme bad language. I asked here to stop the offensive language in front of my children and her passengers but she told me to F...k off and then drove off. My children and her passengers were very upset and distressed. Your drivers at apollo should be very careful when transporting children and disabled people. I'm taking this further to the schools and establishments that use this service..
Nearly caused an accident on Culverhouse Cross roundabout at 5.30 this evening. Was in the outside lane and decided to try to cut in front of me and go across the roundabout. Then had the nerve to beep back after I had beeped him. I have the registration number of the vehicle if anyone from the company wants it as the arrogant person needs to be told how dangerous they drive!!
Day trip to London in one of there executive minibus top service and driver was very helpful.
YT60 BZL dangerous tailgating on Barry Port Road East Barry 6.35pm. Not very professional.
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