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I can honestly and truly say that My experience with Martyne in regards to my blueprint was accurate, very professional,explained in thorough detail and so very heart warming. This lady knows her stuff and I think is just naturally blessed. She goes at your own pace and covers so much of your life experience and is there to help and guide you. I’m actually having goosebumps whilst writing my review. What you see with Martyne is what you get. Straight talking and no beating around the bush. She has given me answer that I couldn’t even work out for Myself. She is like a Guardian Angel. Look, what have you really got to loose. If your passionate about life and are just looking for some answers then why not just hear her out. Not only am I now putting my pieces back together but I am now feeling like the new version of Me and My relationship with My Daughter is going from strength to strength. I have nothing but respect, knowledge and love for this woman. God bless you always xx
I am so glad I contacted Martine to ask for a Human Blue Print reading. I was far from expecting such details and accuracy from just my date of birth! I was amazed at how much information she was able to tell me not just about myself but also about my 20 year relationship with my partner too. It made total sense. She knew more than I did! Her life cycle analysis was spot on too. She was able to tell me what should have happened last year, what is happenning this year and what is the next stage in my life. So with that knowledge I followed her advice to the letter and the house was sold within three days! Now I know better how to align myself with my life cycle and let things happen in a more harmonious way. Thank you!
I have completed the inner self alignment master plan course with Martine. Over the course I discovered lots of light bulb moments in understand myself and closer friends and family. My life was not going as well as I wanted. Working with Martine on the course and making steps to help me have a better way of dealing with both work and family situations, I am now a happier,contented person and I am no longer on the waiting bus as Martine described. The way Martine explains things has a great mix of humour and senserity. If your want to make changes in your life I highly recommend you attend her course, you would never expect what she reveals. Thank you Martine
I've been working with Martine and must say the programme takes you through some very interesting and sometimes challenging areas. Learning about the different energies within me and the impact they are likely to have on those around me has made me much more mindful of how I use them and how I choose to communicate. I'd recommend the programme to anyone seeking to understand themselves and their behaviour better
My husband and I had an individual blue print reading last year. Martine has a very professional approach, she is confident in what she does through many years of experience. Since she has clear understanding of energy and human being's spiritual journey; the information and insights she gives are assertive and helpful. I acknowledge and appreciate the valuable information we receive.
Martine is very passionate about her services and has many years of experience studying and practicing her methods. I had my human blueprint done and it was very insightful indeed. Martine did not cut off after any time limit as she engaged in conversation until we were done which I thought was very good of her and shows her commitment to what she does.
Highly recommend all of Martine’s services. Martine helped me through a very hard time In my life. I am a firm believer in holistic treatments but what Martine does is on another level. The Human Blueprint and NES Scans are unbelieveable, I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you Martine for everything. One very special lady! ❤️
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Martene and had a blueprint and the Nes health. I think the reading and treatments are amazing and couldn’t recommend them highly enough as there a benefit to anyone who takes the time to have them. Thank you Martene your a very special talented lady xxx?
Professional and personal! Martine's approach is very interesting and she has a huge depth of knowledge - I have benefited from the treatments I have received at AnsaWell and would reccomend - I found Martines approach particularly beneficial for weight loss and emotional eating issues.
Had an absolutely amazing Human Blueprint with Martine last week and i'm still completely amazed at the information that came through (there is no way she could of known) I'd highly recommended this reading to anyone, I'm excited about what the future holds. Thank you so much xx
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