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I have had a problem with thinning hair for years, but never did anything about (i was too embarrassed). I needed help, that's when I found ' ANGELHAIR SOLUTIONS'. I explained my concerns to Jay, she understood exactly how I was feeling. She is so genuinely interested in your problem, and does her utmost to help. My thin hair affected every aspect of my life, in a very negative way. Now thanks to Jay's amazing help , I now love my hair. It is beautiful. Jay is so very easy to talk to, and she certainly made sure my hair is exactly the way i want it. Due to my circumstances, Jay makes house visits, which really helps. So anybody out there with any type of thinning hair, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND 'ANGELHAIR SOLUTIONS '. I thought I was a lost cause, I had all but given up on my hair. But meeting Jay has changed my outlook totally. My paranoia has gone, and thanks to Jay my confidence is back. Thank you Jay.. you're a lovely person...L.A.M.
I have experienced hair loss through trichotillomania for 16 years and was feeling hopeless before i met Jay at angel hair solutions. Before coming to angel hair solutions i had tried so many different hair loss solutions however all were far too expensive and did not show the care and empathy required with clients who experience hair loss.I felt hopeless.I was introduced to angel hair solutions through a friend and it was the best decision ive ever made!jay is so passionate about what she does and has given me the chance to have so much confidence and move forward with my life without worrying about my hair.Jay takes time to ensure you feel at ease and with her caring nature and expertise u always leave her salon with everything u had hoped for ina comfortable caring environment. I cant recommend angel hair solutions enough and am forever greatful for everything Jay at Angel hair solutions has done for me.
I started going to Jay approximately 10 months ago and I haven’t looked back since. I spent quite a few years considering hair extensions and researching the industry and businesses offering this service. I was always concerned about the impact hair extensions could have on my natural hair so working with someone who’s main objective was maintaining and enhancing the quality of your natural hair was of the utmost importance and this is exactly what Jay does. Jay is a perfectionist, she is extremely professional and very talented at what she does (She is also a lot of fun!) Throughout our initial appointments she took the time to continuously reassure me and answer all of my questions (patients of a saint!) I cannot recommend this lady enough. Book a consultation today and I promise you too will never look back :) thanks Jay x
Discovered Angelhair 3 years ago..was best decision I ever made. Hair loss for a woman is devastating. I knew mine was getting worse so I had to look at what I had always dreaded...hairpieces. Jay made me very comfortable from first visit. My hairpiece has been my saviour. I may be losing my hair but I still need to go to work, to socialise. My hairpiece has done that and gives me the confidence to face the day. I could not praise or recommend Jay enough..she is wonderful. The service she delivers is fab. Hairdressers have told me they did not know I was wearing a piece until I told them so her skill and quality of her work speaks volumes. Brilliant!!!!
I went to Jay a few months ago looking thicker, longer hair as my own hair was very thin and fragile. I knew I was in good hands the minute I met Jay as she was very professional and explained everything in great detail making me feel at ease. I can't thank Jay enough for boosting my self confidence by giving me the hair that I've always wanted without damaging my own natural hair. Every appointment is a good experience with Jay as she always completes her work to a high standard making sure you are satisfied with the end result. I couldn't recommend Angel Hair Solutions enough thank you so much!!! Ginte x
I first met Jay several months ago and from the outset I knew I had found someone who was only sympathetic to my problem - frontal fibrosing alopecia-but offered a solution unique to me. I cannot emphasise enough how reassuring and confident of a good outcome Jay was, I came away really excited and couldn't wait until I was able to get the custom made piece which didn't take very long. I am delighted with it, I am no longer embarrassed and self conscious about my hair loss problem, it has made such a difference to me. This girl is a true professional and really cares about her clients. She is just amazing!
Having been a sufferer of trichotillomania for 25 years I was in need of a system to cover my thinning hair. I (thankfully) came across a link to Jays business. This is a unique, friendly, warm and discreet service. Jay patiently listened to my requirements at initial consultation, then recommended the best options and fulfilled them, maintaining contact, which is a great support. She provides something that bigger salons cannot - time and undivided attention. My top piece has restored my self confidence and is extremely natural looking. I can't recommend Angelhair highly enough.
My confidence was zero when I met Jay. I had so many bad experiences of hairdressers gathering round me in their salons as if I was a freak. Others wanted to give me hair extensions costing the earth. Jay pointed out that wat hair I had definitely wasn’t strong enough to hold extensions. She made me a custom made hairpiece which has totally changed my life. No more pulling bits of hair together to make it look like I had hair but only made me look ridiculous Jay knows and cares about what she does as she’s experienced hair loss herself. Great girl I cudnt praise her enough.
Janice is an amazing person! She is a true pro in her work! Her empathy and her understanding of my needs as a client go beyond anything I would ever wish for! I trust her judgement completely because I know she does things same way for me as she’d do them for herself, no compromise. For a curly hair person I was always struggling to find the hairdresser who will understand me and can relate to my “hair troubles”. Janice got me completely. If you are looking for a hairdresser who is different and original in the best possible way, Janice is your number one choice.
Suffering from female pattern hair loss I had given up hope of ever having good hair. Every day was a bad hair day for me. When I visited Angel hair for a consultation I was treated with respect and empathy. I wasn't put under any pressure to purchase anything but the difference I felt when I tried a hair piece on was unbelievable. I felt like a new person and became confident instantly. It really was a no brainer with Janices help and guidance. I can't speak highly enough of the service provided and now I can say with confidence that everyday, is a good hair day!
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