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Last September I decided that I no longer wanted my tattoos so I searched through the Internet looking at all the different ways of getting rid of a tattoo. I eventually found a laser called picosure which claimed it was a lot more powerful than the old lasers which in turn would get rid of the tattoo faster (sounded fab). I then found Andrea Catton's clinic in Burnley so I gave her a call and Andrea explained everything about the procedure, what to expect etc over the phone. I was happy with what I heard so I took the drive to Burnley and met Andrea, she was great at explaining everything, so I felt in good hands. I have had 3 sessions now and the results are amazing, it still hurts when you get zapped but when you think the old lasers take so many more sessions and the prices work out roughly the same in the long run it's a no brainier! The tattoos are disappearing so I'm really pleased. I would highly recommend Andrea's clinic.
I had visited other laser clinics prior to being recommended to Andrea, and it seemed very clear to me that if I were to continue with them, it would have taken me several years to get rid of the tattoos, if they were to go at all! However, I went to see Andrea for a consultation; she explained to me that she used a Picasure machine and she provided me with a great deal of useful information about what I could realistically expect from the treatments and how long it would take but I would have to say that Andrea exceeded all of my expectations! I had several areas to laser and after only a few sessions (with the healing time in between), my tattoos had completely gone! Tattoo removal is a very specialised treatment and it really is important to see someone who knows what they are doing and it is very clear that Andrea is the best in this field in my opinion; I really cannot recommend her highly enough!
Having previously had PicoSure treatment elsewhere with a poor result I was a bit dubious of trying the procedure again. After just a consultation with Andrea I felt as ease and assured that the treatment would work and she recommended I would get a better result by leaving an extra month between treatments. This alone proves that she wants the best results for her clients and not just money in the till!! I've just had my second session at the clinic and yes of course the procedure is slightly painful when it's done but it's very bearable pain and Andrea makes sure your comfortable throughout! She also provides a great aftercare service and is happy to answer any questions you have. She really makes you feel cared for and that your custom is valued. I'm so glad I decided to give the procedure a second chance as I saw great results from just one session with Andrea and can't wait to see the final results.
From the minute I spoke to Andrea during my first telephone call, to walking out the door after my first procedure has been nothing but 5 Stars! Andrea is a very friendly, warm, approachable and knowledgeable person. I never felt rushed during my appointment, and her treatment room is very private which is also a big plus point. Andrea explained everything to me, and I was given ample time to ask lots of questions. After 2 previous disasters and one Clinic in London Harley Street offering me a very expensive treatment option which after further research was the wrong laser for me - I can honestly say I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone, and I would not consider treatment anywhere else! I travel from Durham, but it is definitely worth the travel! Thankfully for me, after meeting Andrea it was third time lucky! Looking forward to my next visit to the Clinic soon. Sarah
Like many people my age I had large tribal tattoos done at a young age, which I have regretted for a long time. I did some research on removal options and decided the Picosure was the best solution given the much faster removal time scale. Andrea is the only person outside of London offering this, i made an appointment for a consultation and was not disappointed. Andrea's bed side manner is excellent, I feel completely as ease with her, she listens to what you say and gives honest, very knowledgeable advice. Making some good progress with the removal and I would recommend Andrea to anyone, you will be hard pressed to find equivalent service and will not find better.
I first tried about 8 sessions at a local tattoo artists. I was disappointed with the results. The tattoos being very old with a lot of green and red in proved to be very stubborn and as they were on my hands I was very self conscious. I heard about this clinic by word of mouth so went for it. The results have been much better. I had 3 sessions and they have all but disappeared. I can still see a very faint trace of green in a small area but anyone not knowing I had previously had a swallow on each hand would never know. It was money well spent for me. The clinic is very professionally and efficiently run. Very friendly service.
I cant recommend Andrea enough. I enquired about having a brown mark removed from my jaw line. I had an inital telephone consultation and then made an appointment to go to the clinic. I was amazed by the results! A few days after the first session the mark had gone! So much so I then made another 2 appointments to remove some sun damage I had on my face. Before contacting Andreas clinic I went to a consultation at a private hospital. The consultant there said they would have to cut the brown mark out and I would have a scar on my jaw line. Its a good job I didnt listen to him! Thank you Andrea, I will be back again soon.
If I could give this place 10 stars out of 5 I would! I have just had my second session at the Andrea Catton Laser Clinic and I wouldn't go anywhere else! All the team are so lovely and helpful. I have had the pleasure of meeting Andrea herself, who is so kind, professional and understanding. The tattoo removal itself is FANTASTIC. I thought there was no hope for me (I have large writing across my shoulders and a bird on my bottom!) but after my second session some of the letters have gone completely! Cannot wait to go back x
I'm mid-way through getting a tattoo removed and can happily report that Andrea's services are brilliant. Her clinic is clean and safe. Her equipment is top-of-the-range. She photographs your tattoo with each session, so you can see it's progress. She provides you with all the aftercare advice and resources you could need. And perhaps most importantly, she does it all with knowledge, and a smile! I had a TERRIBLE experience before with a different clinic - pleased to say Andrea's business is the COMPLETE opposite.
Andrea always puts me at my ease in a relaxed & friendly environment. I have every confidence in her expertise. I'm always made to feel very comfortable while having the skin rejuvenation treatments. I can honestly say,that in my late 50's, my skin is just improving all the time. My skin is more plumped out, I have good skin tone and my fine lines are disappearing.I would definitely award Andrea five stars.
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