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My name is Vadym, I live in north London. I had my driving test booked in Watford. I used to drive in different country. Four and a half weeks ago I started to look for a driving school in Watford. Unfortunately no many schools answered on my request. I am so glad that I found Alan Bush Driver Training. Mike responded to my request. In our first conversation regarding driving, he pointed, main task is to drive as UK driving standards. I did not realize how bad I was, I had a lot of bad habits, I even managed to forgot theory what I had passed few month ago. Over 4 weeks we worked very hard. Thanks to Mike, I well improved my driving, I well improved theory (Mike pointed me a lot of useful theory books and DVD). As result, today I have passed my driving test with just two small mistakes regarding looking in mirror. Very delighted of what we had achieved. Mike and Alan Bush Driver Training THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Would Highly recommend Alan Bush Driver Training
Mike was brilliant, a great instructor who taught me how to drive safely. Would constantly advise me on things I was unsure about and was extremely patient with me whilst also making sure I knuckle down on the aspects of my driving that needed work. His teaching methods are brilliant and really made me work hard, which in turn made me a much more confident driver. An absolute pleasure to learn from him and would definitely recommend his services to anyone wanting to learn how to drive or just improve their driving to be the best it can be. Antonio
Mike is a fantastic driving instructor - I passed this afternoon. after a few years of not doing any lessons Mike really helped me build up the confidence needed. He made me work really hard which resulted in me passing. Mike is always on time and never cancels his lessons with you (this is a problem I experienced with other driving instructors). I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to pass their driving test !
Mike is an amazing, patient and experienced driving instructor. Thank you for all your help and support with my driving, I will remember and take on board everything you have taught me for when I get my own car. I am very grateful for the constructive criticism which has made me a better driver and I now feel confident that I can drive on my own safely and accurately. Couldn’t recommend you enough, thank you!
I'm happy to find a great driving instructor! Mike has helped me build my driving skills professionally for that past few months. He has a very clear way of teaching, keeping me on track. Helping me remember the key practical skills. Would Highly Recommend
I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for knowledgeable and patient teaching. He is very thorough in his teaching and creates an environment in which you feel safe and confident. He has helped me pass first time, and is really friendly and patient.
Mike is very knowledgeable and thorough in his training. An excellent starting point for save driving for life. I passed first time with only one minor! Highly recommend Alan Bush Driver Training.
Really patient and friendly instructor. Will always give the right advice to ensure you are driving as per the UK standards. Mike really helped me in passing in the first attempt. Thanks a lot.
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