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Dyneshia Malone
Aceable is amazing not only because of the witty sense of humor and photos, but also because of the freedom to stop no matter where I am in the course then come back later and pick up exactly where i left off. It allows you to go at your own pace, it verifies your identity, and you can test your knowledge at the end of each phase. I would recommend this course to EVERYONE.!!!! Its way better than sitting in lectures, way better than reading books, way better than being forced to sit for 6 hours straight in order to finish.
Sam Degenshein
Overall was awesome, Aceable took the time to go over important topics again and again in a way that wasn’t tiresome and was hard to even notice the repetition! Always had a fun twist and kept me engaged. I liked the content rather than time method because it really gives you all the information you need for the test. I also like how rather than stopping at drivers Ed for the permit test, they keep going and help young drivers through the whole process. Thanks Aceable!
Deborah May
We chose Aceable for Driver's Ed because it was flexible and could be done online. However, the material presented and practice tests were not useful for passing the CA Permit exam. The DMV online booklet and app-based practice tests are way way better. Aceable presents a ton of useless info such as the history of automobiles and the dangers of smoking. My daughter did pass the exam after changing over to the DMV material.
Aceable is the best option of an opportunity that not only given you as much time needed but also in the process of learning what they are teaching you is awesome like with me I learn visionally and I like when they show an video as an example of what ever topic there teaching you on.. it helps me better understand. It’s 100% completely safe to use.
Ami Serrano
Literally the most useless thing in the world. I learned nothing from their drivers ed and had to go back to the dmv three times because what aceable left out important things to bring to the dmv. NEVER BUY THIS. You might as well buy a bag of poop and eat it because you will have a better experience
Realwitchhuntnotclickbait 101
The course made it much easier to manage when I could go to school and to not worry about going to a driving class. I had much more time to just sit down and focus when I was able to. Aceable was great ? recommend to busy kids trying to get a license.
Aceable is awesome! While all my other friends were going through long boring videos for their drivers ed, I used aceable. It was so fast and easy to where I didn’t get bored and not retain any information. Aceable is the best!
Gabriel Contreras
I like Aceable defensive driving , is funny entertaining and educational, and On line you can invest as much of your time and pause to acomplish your court required puninshment :) to keep the ticket out of your DL records
Ozokami Hellkite
I dont care for repetition but it does help the info stick in your head with a verbal and visual explanation of the material. Plus, it has managed to hold my attention.
This was an excellent driver's education course. I liked that they provided tips in the last chapter to help with taking the permit test and license exam.
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