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Marc Pierre
I urge anyone reading this to do an independent search of "Abes of Maine" and scams. You will get a litany of reports from people who have had similar experiences. I saw a good price on a Canon 6D camera...so I ordered it. I did not check out the company first- my bad. I've been buying from B&H for decades and have always had good experiences. This time I allowed my desire for a bargain get the better of me. I ordered the camera and thought ti was a done deal. Got and email as well as 3 phone calls a day later saying that "you need to call this number to confirm your order". I called...and spoke to a "Mike". This guy proceeded to up sell me..and not in a nice way...but was literally trying to shame me into buying something. I've been a pro photographer for 17 years...so know a thing or two about gear. One example : One of his questions was..."do you want the 2 hour battery or the 5 hour battery"? I was flabbergasted- and was trying to ask him what he meant by a 2 or 5 hour battery...there is no such thing. He responded with " I thought you said you were a professional photographer" ? I cancelled the sale right then and called a manager to report my experience. The woman I spoke to did give me a free memory card and the good deal on the camera in response. The tactics used are not those used by a legitimate company. B&H will never try and shame you into another item...or another item period. In addition I chose the "finance" option- having been used to B&H's 6 months with no interest finance choice. Abes is connected with "Fortiva" which is as much of a scam os Abe's. They say 6 months no interest...but they do charge you a whopping $99 annual fee that is buried in the small print. So it's not really a good deal at all. Again- my bad for not being more vigilant. Writing this in the hopes that I save one person from a bad experience with Abe's of Maine.
Abe’s of Maine does not stand behind the products they sell or their warranties. I bought a Canon 5D Mark III Digital SLR and a 2-year warranty that was supposed to cover everything but malicious damage and losing the camera. The camera was used extensively around water, but was not dropped in the water. It started working poor, so we took it to an authorized dealer who said there was moisture inside and could not be fixed. I contact Abe’s warranty company, New Leaf, and explained the camera was not dropped in the water but there is moisture damage. New Leaf said the camera was not covered, had I dropped in the water it would have been covered; but since I was truthful and explained it was used around water New Leaf would not honor the warranty. I then contact Abe’s of Maine and Lisa, the Customer Service Manager, said they would “make this right”. After trying for several months for Abe’s to cover the warranty and “make it right”, Abe’s offered to give me back what I paid for the warranty, I don’t want the warranty payment back; that would be like paying car insurance and when you need the insurance they give you your premium back with no coverage. Wednesday, October 24, Abe’s of Main offered to SELL me a camera at a discount. I don’t want to buy another camera from Abe’s, I want the camera replaced under the warranty. I first contact New leaf and Abe’s in July and four months later I am still trying to get Abe’s to do the right thing and honor the warranty I purchased on the camera from them.
Mike McManus
I purchased a 65" LG OLED Flatscreen. Read the fine print on TV's. What you order and pay for on the screen is NOT what eventually gets billed. Abes will email you and tell you that they require insured shipping on TV's. They state this is obvious in the literature. You can find it after they point it out but it's not obvious. They do this with a message that says "Thanks again for your order! We very much appreciate your business with AbesofMaine. Please call us at 800-992-2237 EXT 272. We need to confirm your purchase. That's win they give you the bad news about the uplift for insurance, but not how long the shipment will take. I got an ear-full from a very poor CSR named Jeff Stevens for missing the fine print - obvious to him because he works this every day. If not for another, nicer sales rep, I would have (and probably should have) just cancelled the order. For my area, Abe's uses AM Home Delivery. The TV was purchased on Sept 22nd. AM Home Delivery needs to consolidate loads for shipments to Virginia (via Charlotte, NC - Note: the routing was New Jersey to Charlotte, NC, then to Richmond, VA). It took 17 days for this purchase to make the 5 hour drive from New Jersey. You know none of this when you purchase the TV.
Nolan TheBuilder
First, they use bait and switch selling tactics. I purchased a TV that listed insurance as optional, but 5 days later receive a phone call to finalize the purchase and I was then told an additional $300 insurance policy was required in order to ship the unit. Second, delivery date was inaccurate along with poor communication about its ETA. Definitely feels like a SCAM website with poor customer service. Also, scary this is a company that is linked with CNET.com which is how I originally stumbled upon them.
Abes of Maine is an excellent source of cameras and lens. You can find a lot of specialty cameraware and accessories at better prices than at other places. I had a few questions regarding a few of the products and their customer service responded with more details quickly. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, there's always something for you here.
Marlene Leviner
I run a consulting company and I had a presentation for a client I've been trying to land for months. I had to upgrade my presentation equipment. Abes of Maine's financing allowed me to get the projection equipment and audio equipment I needed to make a great first impression. My shipment arrived a day earlier than expected and I have no complaints. I highly recomend.
S Maphis
Abes of Maine is the only place I would ever consider buying a camera. I've had three great experiences in purchasing photographic equipment from them. Additionally, I recommend them to my friends and family who are looking for a camera or photo equipment. You can't go wrong with Abe's of Maine!
Abes of Maine has a great selection of cameras and accessories! Something can be found for every price range and experience level, don't know what you are looking for...just ask! Convenient and fast shipping too, everything you want in an online retail store.
Abes of Maine provides the most camera part replacements. I was looking for a battery replacement for my canon camera online. It was Abes of Maine who has the fastest and reliable shipment and delivery among the online stores I checked.
Abes of Maine is a great company for cameras. The purchase process was so easy and the prices were competitive. I received my item in a quick and timely manner. I will definitely recommend this company to my family and friends!
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