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Motherwell;Unit 18, Block 5, Park Road, Carfin Industrial Estate, Carfin;ML1 4UH

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01236 802399 ;01414713189


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Bought a double garage automatic electric dor about 6 years ago. Two years ago we started having problems, the door would not go down, it took at least 3 different calls to eventually get them to call and check it over. The guy disabled the beam signal and told us to change the sensor batteries on the door, done all that and it was ok for 6 months then same again. Got them back out after various phone calls, they then said it had to be callibrated after a battery change!!!!. Worked again for couple of months, Same again in January this year 2014, you have to press the remote 15 times for the door to close, they never came out. Have been in touch again march 2014 said they would call back - guess what - nothing. I would not recommend, customer service is awful. gave them 1 star but only to complete the review, would not rate them at all
Arrived at our business premises and immediately one of the workers had an attitude (as if he didn't really want to be there). He was so loud that all my work colleagues could hear the abuse I took from him (swearing and downright rude). No apology whatsoever. I would avoid this company at all costs.
Not had any problems with this company, used them three times so far. Great service and prices. The last time i used them the job was done in an hour. Will be using again and recommend to anyone.
called out them out as an emergency, guy was sooo rude on the phone and said, indirectly, that he couldn't be bothered coming out. Prob sitting in a pub... Will never use them again......
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