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We needed two foot stools recovering as they were very old and tatty. Russell came to the house with samples and was really helpful in identifying the right fabric, advice on durability, colours etc. He then returned to collect the stools once the fabric was in stock a few days later and 2 days after that, returned both stools beautifully recovered and re-padded. Am now going to get an old arm chair recovered with Russell also. Great service and excellent quality of work..
Our sofa was on its last legs but it was inherited so we didn't want to part with it. Russell gave us a good number of fabrics to choose from and the finished product was fabulous. Will use again and recommend to anyone looking to re-vitalise their furniture.
Mr Edwards has been teaching me for the last 7 years and I must say he has been fantastic, I would not have achieved the grades I got without his help (a* in maths at GCSE and at A Level). For somebody who struggles quite regularly at different concepts, I found coming to Mr Edwards the best way to solve it, and always found that he was able to explain it to me through various methods in order for me to understand it. Most importantly though was the fact that he always made sure I was fully prepared and if I were to be struggling with something then would make sure that I fully understood it by the exam. Mr Edwards always gave time outside lesson either through email, drop in sessions, and I found was flexible with times if I could not make the lesson for some reason. I would highly recommend Mr Edwards as he has been the best help I have had in all my subjects I have taken in the past seven years. You don't find many teachers as good and dedicated as him!
Robert has been tutoring me through A level maths and Further Maths and the clarity which he has provided me on each topic has been so refreshing. He leaves no stone unturned and I have now adopted this approach: In turn, my understanding has improved dramatically and subsequently so to has my enjoyment of the subject. I feel comfortable asking any maths question and he has a wonderfully reassuring manner which has boosted my confidence. Roberts 'can do' attitude really pays dividends and I now producing work consistently at the highest grade across all the units which I am studying. It was clear soon after meeting Robert that he had a genuine desire to see me develop and indeed he has been fundamental to this happening. I highly recommend him, a truly remarkable tutor.
Robert is a very kind, conscientious and knowledgeable tutor. My son enjoyed his A level sessions with him. Working via Skype was very successful.
Did my flat at short notice excellent would recommend to everyone
Excellent work by Rob. Thank you!
excellent work very friendly
Phil is an excellent trainer. He makes training interesting no matter what your ability or level of fitness. Every training session is enjoyable, and no session is ever the same. Phil works with you to achieve your personal goals and pushes you to challenge yourself. I have seen my energy and strength grow over the months and I feel great. I highly recommend REPS and are more than happy to give a testimonial!
I've been training with Phil now for several months to help with weight loss to which I am seeing amazing results. Not only has Phil's time and efforts encouraged me to get to where I am today, he has helped build up my core and strength which is great due to lower back problems. Truly a great gym with brilliant personal service from Phil. Thank you!
Brilliant place, excellent facilities, great value for money and an even better personal trainer who goes by the name of Phill. Awesome bloke, really got on with him and he definetly knows what he's doing when it comes to fitness, weights, cardio etc couldn't recommend him and his gym enough.
I have trained with Phil at REPS for a long time, I really enjoy or training sessions and have seen big improvements in my fitness & strength. I would recommend it to anyone. The new studio is ideal for one to one training with plenty of equipment and a nice welcoming place to train.
Richard done a fantastic job on our kitchen. We will have him back to do our bathroom in the new year.
My badminton racket still had the original strings from when I bought it last year. Decided it was time for an upgrade and found this restringing service on google. I can't believe the difference in how the racket plays - the original strings were obviously not very good but that's hardly surprising on a racket costing £35. I went for some Yonex strings at a tension of 23 lbs after chatting through the options. Quick service and a decent price. Very happy with the experience. I have vowed to change my strings more often as it feels like you have a new racket.
I've used Mark's restringing service a number of times for my badminton rackets and my son's tennis rackets. Very knowledgeable and happy to suggest new strings and tensions. The stringing is good quality and the knots are neat - I can't stand ugly knots :) . I like the fact that he is happy to guarantee the strings - so if they break within a week or two he'll restring at a reduced price - not that they ever have. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
I needed to get two rackets restrung for later the same day. Mark was the only one who could do the job without asking for a big premium on the regular price. He charges £2 extra per racket for same day return. One place I tried asked for £10 extra per racket??!! The restrings were high quality and I was messaged as soon as they were ready. I was able to pick them up in plenty of time before my match. Quality service. Evelyn.
The good weather has got me out playing tennis after a Winter break. Both my rackets were in a bit of a state so I looked online for somewhere to get new strings and grips. Mark's place was the closest to me and had some happy customers. Quick, courteous service and the quality of the stringing was very good. Will use going forward. Natasha (Kingston).
Mark was recommended by a member of my badminton club. He helped me to choose some strings and select an appropriate tension which was very useful. My racket was returned to my home a couple of days later with details of the string name and tension. Strings and a new grip for £22 is a fair price given the level of service. Happy with how it plays.
I'm back playing squash after five years. My rackets needed new strings, new grips and some grommets replacing. Mark was able to do both rackets quickly with no fuss and at a good price. Other places I tried wanted to charge what seemed very high prices and they were not very accommodating with times to leave and return the racket.
I've had 2 squash rackets and a badminton racket restrung here recently. Mark has many strings available and gives excellent advice on which string to choose and the corresponding string tension. His service is fast, friendly and the results were very good. Based on the level of service his prices are great value. 10/10.
Bought a new racket online and wanted to get some new strings. Some places were asking 30 quid plus???!!! Found Mark's place online and decided to give it a try. A much more reasonable 20 pounds for strings and overgrip, plus returned on the same day. Very happy with the result. What's not to like. Janet.
Two of my squash rackets were restrung and returned in three and a half days. I live sixty miles away and the postage was £6.50 all in - really good. Very smart restring with the 305 strings. Kept up to date with progress which is reassuring when you send your precious sticks away. Thanks. Stacey.
Three tennis racquets restrung and re-gripped within 24 hours. A professional job done with strings that I supplied. I was kept informed about the progress as I needed to play a match the next day. Will use again. Good knowledge of matching strings/tensions to playing styles.
Great. He is funny and always helps us to learn new tricks while we swim. He really works me hard and sometimes my legs get tired but we have lots of fun and at game time I really like playing sharks and minnows. Last week I won the trophy for best plunge dive. I love my swimming lessons JM
Just a little message from OV's parents. We just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with our daughters progress since starting back with her swimming. She's really anjoying it and her confidence and focus grows each week of which we are very grateful so thank you. S.V.
party pigs recently did our wedding and the food and service was amazing, they were really help full with all our needs, there was more than enough food for everyone and everyone said how nice it was. they even did us a vegetarian option, we will defiantly use them next time we have a function. thank you party pigs. :-)
I would like to thank party pigs from Mr and Mrs combine for there excellent service on our wedding day and the food was fantastic highly recommend
They are a good company very friendly and helpful.The place is always nice and clean when they have finished. We have been using them for past at least 7 years no job too small for them. They are a trustworthy company who are key holders to our premises.
A well run and reliable company, who really do a top quality clean every time
Call left VM no answer two days later. Wouldn't waste your time!
Kenton serviced both of our industrial machines today. I cannot fault the service. He knows his way around a sewing machine, like Lewis Hamilton knows his way around Silverstone. Highly recommended.
Having worked with Duncan professionally for many years I would be happy to recommend Meredith Tax to anyone - fellow adviser, business owner or individual. Taking the complications away and focusing on exactly what needs to happen to achieve the desired outcome, Duncan's knowledge and passion for his subject is inspiring. The outcome of the work produced is always comprehensive and followed through until you are satisfied with what needs to happen. No matter how large or small the issue I would suggest you pick up the phone, you will receive the same level of care and attention, and you will be surprised at what outcome can be achieved as a result of a conversation.
The advice given by Meredith Tax was invaluable. Our tax situation is complex. Duncan Meredith is very knowledgeable about current tax legislation and he was able to advise us so that we could go ahead without incurring financial penalties. Equally important he explained each step in terms which we could understand!
Duncan is very knowledgeable when it comes to tax planning. Very good experience with my clients. Definitely will be continuing too use and recommend Duncan.
The advice was very helpful. Very prompt service and approachable people. I strongly recommend Meredith Tax LLP.
My car broke down and I was unable to move it to the garage for repairs. Matt at MCR Transport was able to quickly collect the car and take it to the garage with no fuss. Very well priced too will use again.
I had already used Masterguard when having my own home alarmed, so when we had problems in our local church with the security system, we turned to them immediately! They were thorough, professional, cleaned up after them (a bonus!!) and were just lovely. I would thoroughly recommend them!
We've had our alarm system checked annually for many years by Colin. He is always very thorough and, if and when necessary, modified it appropriately. He has al lso carried out extra jobs without hesitation and efficiently. For this excellent service his charges are very reasonable.
We “inherited” the burglar alarm (and Colin) when we moved into the house. Colin has kept the system running efficiently which we were very thankful for when someone attempted to get into the house one night. The alarm went off and no one came in – worth its weight in gold."
We rang Matts locks when we had a problem with our double glazed front door lock jamming,the bolts were up and the door was locked shut,so we had to use the back door and couldn't set the alarm.I spoke to matt who came promptly,he managed to open the door and discovered the lock was very worn and had jammed,he fitted a new lock there and then repairing the fault.Great service,good price and a nice guy who knew his stuff,I can highly recommend Matts locks
Was struggling to find a locksmith that wouldn't cost the earth for a 10 minute job, then found this guy!! I cannot thank him enough, he replaced a faulty lock AND rectified the cause of the problem in the first place (the door had dropped on the hinges), all this for LESS than I had been quoted by others just for labour!!
Cannot fault this locksmith, came out straight away and fixed the door with no issues. Had all extra parts in his van and left after re-aligning door and changing lock. Will definately recommend to friends and family and will use again if needed.
Did an excellent job for a very good price. Thankyou
The desktop computer that I use for both work and home crashed and would not restart. I tried all the usual tricks to bring it back to life but no joy. Mark was able to come over later the same day and he soon figured out the hard drive was on its last legs. All I wanted was some recent files and photos that I hadn't managed to make copies of. It took a while but he found them all. He replaced my hard drive and reinstalled Windows for me. All is working well. Thanks so much.
My USB drive stopped working and it kept asking me to format it. I guessed that would not be a good idea. Phoned a number of places to get a quote about fixing it or getting the data off. I nearly fell off my chair after a place I found online quoted £200. Mark was the 3rd call I made. No fix no fee or a fixed charge. He was local so I give him a try. Glad I did. He recovered all my files and the drive was fixed as well. I will use him again for any tech related problems. S
My external plug in hard drive stopped working. 'Parameter incorrect' message always appeared. Tried to fix myself by trying some of the ideas online but nothing worked. Mark attached the hard drive to his laptop and within 20 minutes everything was restored. He did explain how he fixed it but it went over my head :) Moral of the story is always have at least two copies of ALL your important files.
I'm very pleased with the work carried out by Mark. My three year old laptop has been given a new lease of life after it became very slow in the last few months. Windows 10 was installed on a 'ssd' drive and performance seems better than ever. My video editing software is noticeably faster and does not hang anymore. I've basically got a new laptop for around 100 pounds. Simon.
Desktop pc died on me last week. Mark was the first one to reply to my message and came round within an hour as I had some important work to complete. Thirty minutes later I was back in action. He also did a quick clean up which improved the speed of the computer. £20 fixed fee is a good price versus the open ended prices of some places. Thoroughly recommend. Phil.
This guy knows his stuff. I'd been trying to fix my laptop for about 2 weeks but eventually had to bite the bullet and pay someone. Yell is usually really good for this sort of stuff and Mark came up as local and well rated. 50 minutes after dropping of the laptop I had a call to say it was fixed. Great service at a fair price. Thanks a bunch.
After my home pc crashed again I decided to upgrade it. Found Mark on Google search and he sorted me out. The pc starts really quickly and everything works super fast relative to before. I watched while it was done and I picked up some handy tips on getting rid of the useless junk that builds up. RECOMMENDED. Jane P, Richmond.
My dell laptop suddenly stopped working and i was unable to start it at all, kept saying it needed start/repair, when i contacted the company he, arrived at location very quickly and solved the problem, excellent service was provided, i was most impressed and would definitely recommend him. from JW from Kingston
I found Mark via a google search and he came over within a couple of hours with a laptop and a bag of gadgets. He fixed the computer and cleared loads of junk software and settings. Works like new. Wish I had someone do this sooner. I was about to give in and buy a new pc but no need to now. Thanks so much.
My Dell laptop suddenly stopped working - it wouldn't start up no matter how many times I tried. Found this company after searching online. Very close to me and had no fix no fee. It took about 20 minutes to sort out and he showed me how to fix it if the same thing happened again. Really good.
Jane is a friendly and very capable hairdresser. Always open to your suggestions she does your hair as you want it, not like some hairdressers who tend to want to do your hair as they think it should be. Always prompt, honest and reliable she is a pleasure to have in your home
i would happily recommend Jane to anyone. My cut and colour are great and she is honest and a pleasure to have in your home. A real plus point is that unlike some hairdressers she does what you want not want she wants!!
an excellant hairdresser, a pleasure to have in your home. Jane does want you want unlike many hairdressers who do what they want. Jane is utterly honest and trustworthy and makes having your hair cut fun.
I have been using Jane for a few years now, I find her very reliable and she will do her upmost to accommodate your needs, always friendly and very reaonably priced. A lovely lady!
Great service arrived spot on time and the cut was fantastic. I will be using Janes mobile Hair again and have recommended her to all my friends
The chef was fine, premises looked clean, the guy who took my order was pleasant and professional, however the dirty Indian slob sitting behind the counter pulling armpit and chest hairs out and dropping them on the floor made me feel simply ill, to top it of when I saw him walk in the kitchen and scratch his private parts finished me, so the bag full of food went in the nearest bin and I will not be returning, shame as I had heard good things about the food
Never had a bad meal here. Fairly standard menu but good portion size. The garlic / salt ribs are lovely as are the won ton soup and stir fry chilli beef (ask for extra chilli). Never managed to finish a portion of sweet and sour chicken balls / egg fried rice.
I think the staff could be friendlier remembering it Is the paying customer that keeps their business going. Taking cash only is inconvenient in an age where so many banks have closed - cash only only benefits the business owner not the customer.
We have just recently moved into the area. Good Chef was recommended by my neighbour, and now I would recommend this to anyone . Lovely food, friendly staff delivery arrive on time .
Always good service, good food, good value.
This is a new place. Literally opened today according to the signs I saw. Was just driving by and thought I'd give it a try. Lovely and polite staff. The food was awesome!!! And they had a 15% discount on the already low prices too for customers that come to collect at the shop. To be honest I didn't even notice the discount posters so it was a really pleasant surprise when they told me what the total price was!!! :-) I sure to be coming back to this one. Recommend that people give this place a try while they have the discounts still on. Not sure when the discount will end - I wasn't paying attention.
So pleased that this place has just opened in East Hull. Tried them tonight. Was great tasting. The mixed platter was very good value. We had a chicken curry and a chicken fried rice. Both very well prepared and exceeded our expectations. Definitely would recommend. Very tasty!
A hidden little gem of a take away. Excellent food and friendly staff. Highly recommend the chicken curry with egg fried rice (or chips). Chicken fried rice with an extra portion of curry sauce to pour on the top is another favourite of mine. Very good value as well.
Tried this Chinese take away over the weekend. Very impressed with the quality and taste of the meals we had. The curry is very very good. Shall be returning to this take away very soon to try more of the menu.
Really good quality tasting food. Cooked with care. I'm so happy I tried this place. I was unsure at first as prices seem to cheap hehe
Really smart shop lovely fabrics gifts and furniture
I have attended many events hosted or catered by Fezsta catering and have never been disappointed. The entertainment is for everyone in the family and the food is to all tastes. I highly recommend this company for events and catering for all occasions. Daisy is very helpful, talented and welcoming.
Thank you so much Fezsta Catering for making my bday very special. I will definately be recommending u to my friends.
Phil arrived to check out a couple of leaky gutters. He diagnosed the problem of a blockage straight away and got up the ladders to unblock the gutters there and then. Talked me through the work as he did it. Friendly service and at a good reasonable price. Will definitely recommend to others and use again.
Phil is extremely professional and honest, from quotation through to completion he has done an excellent job replacing our gutters and has been friendly and helpful throughout, he clearly takes pride in his work and we would not hesitate to recommend him.
Richard arrived as promised to repair a loose spout on one the gutters on my house,he was very professional and did a brilliant job.Iam very pleased and the charges were very fair,would definitely hire him again.Highly recommended.
This is the second time we have used Phil's services. He came out to fix a problem with a downpipe. Came when he said he would (the morning after my phone call) and did the job for a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend.
Phil came out to clear gutters and fix a problem with a downpipe. All done on the same day for a reasonable price. Very friendly and informative, would highly recommend.
A very prompt and efficient worker.We found him extremely helpful nothing was to much trouble would highly recommend plus prices more than reasonable
Nice gentle person, respectfull, nice clean job and affordable, and leaves you with extra advice, as a landlord i wil definitely use him again
Came on short notice and I can confirm they are trustworthy, did a great job and a reasonably priced.
Good job well done and good price
I recently went to view Bridal dresses at this shop and the couple who run the shop were most helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and the experience was enjoyable. I am an older bride and the lady helping me choose a gown was really very supportive, open and honest and I valued her opinion. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting this shop for advice. The dress I purchased was a reasonable price and there was a choice of colours to try on. I was not rushed to try the clothes on and they contacted me as soon as the dress came in to be tried on and collected. I would definitely return.
I came in today wedding shopping with my mother and sister ! So helpful ! Amazing dresses for everyone's price range ! Lovely and friendly, not only do they do wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and also beautiful prom dresses !!! They made us feel so welcome !!! Would really recommend!!!! Nothing was to much out of there way Thank you ! (Also to those saying how rude asking if I'm there for prom/ball when you went for your wedding, how are the staff ment to no unless they ask ! They are not mind readers and you can only expect the staff to be as nice and as helpful and the customer. )
My daughter and I went to look for a wedding dress the people in the shop were so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. My daughter found a beautiful dress . When we went back to pay the settlement the shop owners told me that they ensure everybody wears gloves provided now so dresses are protected from jewellery and oil from the hands I thought what a wonderful idea because a special dress for a special occasion needs to be treated special. I recommend this shop highly.
We went in looking for a prom dress for my daughter and were met with a very friendly atmosphere. The lady that helped us was very helpful and extremely friendly. We ended up buying the second dress that was tried on and instantly fell in love with it. There was no pressure to buy anything and the whole atmosphere was very relaxed. We really enjoyed our trip here and would highly recommend going there for dresses. Overall a brilliant service that everyone should have.
I walked in with my sister and was asked if there for prom dresses and i said no im shopping for my wedding dress then a unpleasant woman walked me in bridal part to stand in way of dresses and would'nt let me get close, gave me a booklet and told me to come back with my mum, im 26 and left very shocked and anoyed, not every person buying a wedding dress has funding from parents, it was rediculous, a class in customer service would not go a miss here
I have just picked my wedding dress after many visits to elizabeths i couldnt of been happier with the service they have provided for me which has been great.elizabeth really helped and advised on my dress and found very helpful.her husband also very lovely.i would deffinatly recommend friends and family and anybody else in that case.i couldnt of asked for anything better. thanks elizabeth and terry you have been great xx
I'm hopefully getting married next year so I wanted to have a look at some wedding dresses.we were made very welcome myself my mum,sister and my 8 month old son.. They were very helpful and polite and showed me around the shop and the dresses I tried on were gorgeous..We Will definitely be making a return trip..once again thank you for your help..
The staff at Elizabeth's are helpful, courteous and pleasant. They have a great deal of experience, listened to exactly what I wanted, made suggestions and I found them excellent to deal with. They have gone out of their way to ensure I have the dress of my dreams with accessories to match. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone
what a lovely store you are made to feel very welcome and are treated as family rather than a customer, they really understand how important your wedding is to you and couldnt be more helpfull, even when i had a disaster they literally saved the day and nothing was to much for them :) thankyou for saving my wedding :) hannah
Thank you I came in late notice being let down by another shop you fit me in and you found me the dress of my dreams very patient helpful and friendly service helping me to find all that I needed for my big day highly recommended thank your one very happy bride to be
De Niros website advertises they do razor cuts. I went in and asked for a razor cut and was told by a very rude young woman “No I won’t do it”. When I said your website advertises razor cuts she again said “ No I won’t do it” I left went up the road a little and was warmly greeted and my hair attended to as I asked for it to be done.
My 12yr old and 14yr old sons were charged £26 just to get their hair cut. Most expensive I've known. An ADULTS hair cut cost £9 in Redhill for the same service. This place doesn't even answer their phone after ripping off the kids.
One of the best barber shops I have been to. The staff are so skilled and welcoming. Dastan (probably the best barber I have met) always has a smile on his face and makes you feel at home.
Best Barbers for miles and we have tried a few to get my son a tidy, stylish hair cut. Friendly staff, great haircuts and good products. Highly recommend ⭐️?⭐️??
everyone in the barbers are so good ,polite friendly and very good at cutting and styling all hair types. they have recently started to do womens hair which is fantastic.
Very good cuts by all of the friendly staff. Very clean and fresh looking shop. Highly recommended and best salon in Coulsdon's and for surrounding area.
Thank you for making my mother’s headstone. We are all very pleased with it! You have done a great job! We have recently been to her grave and put her favourite flowers down there for her. I would say that it is a great price for the quality of it! I would definitely recommend them
I'm very impress with my late wife's headstone the writing is very neat and clear, i asked some other company's in the area but Damien's memorials was by far the best value for money. very helpful and i would highly recommend them
Mr Briggs was very helpful and understanding he helped me though one of the hardest times of my life, and made a beautiful looking stone in my husband's memory. I have already recommended you to my friend Thank you
Thank you for making my fathers gravestone, I'm sure if he was here he would be very please with it. the wording is just right and comes he up to a t Highly recommend
my wifes grave looks perfect you have made it look exactly how i wanted it. i will make sure the family and I. visit as ofter as we can now we something to remember her
From the outset...Dave and André were very friendly and approachable. They listened to our garden ideas and made suitable suggestions and recommendations where required. They provided an excellent service which included initial garden design, supplier recommendation, ordering of materials, and finally completion of work. Both guys worked hard and had some good banter along the way. We had a rear Indian stone patio with fixed cobbled boarder and artificial grass in the back garden. At the front, they made three sleeper plant beds which look really smart. Both guys enjoy a cup of coffee so stock up for their arrival :-) All in all...we are very pleased with the look and design of our garden. I would definitely recommend Caspian to any future customers thinking of having a garden transformation. Cheers again for doing a great job. All the best. AC
Dave did a brilliant job! The garden looks completely different, and was done in the timeframe he gave us even with all the intermittent weather! We can’t thank him enough, and will definitely ask him if we need anything doing in the future.
Caspian landscapes have just completed our back garden with Indian stone top quality work by Andre and Dave would definitely recommend thanks guys
In Just about 100GBP ONLY You are receiving this email because you have shown your interest on the internet over a survey. Eat All Day, Keeps The Hunger Away Online Food Ordering System for your restaurant or takeaway. Easy, fast & cost effective! Food Delivery Script is an online food ordering software for restaurants, pizzas, pubs and cafes. With our restaurant delivery software you can create custom menu list, manage menu categories, orders, pick-up and delivery areas, payment options and vouchers. No programming skills are required, using a simple piece of code you can have online food ordering system on your website. Restaurant Menu List Create custom menu lists and arrange meals in categories to make online ordering easy and fast. A nice AJAX based front-end allows customers to navigate through the menu list when ordering food. Food Ordering Customers can place orders online, choose order type, extras, payment method and more. Our online food ordering system allows you to easily manage customer orders placed online or take orders by phone and add them manually into your restaurant ordering system. Easy Control Panel Once installed no prior programming knowledge is required for managing menu categories, orders, pick-up and delivery areas, payment options, vouchers and more. Our online ordering software provides you with remote access to the food delivery system and the ability to handle business on the go. Email Auto Responder With our online ordering system you have the option to create a custom auto-responder message and set the system to send emails to customers to confirm orders and payments. You have the ability to switch on/off the auto-responder. Featured Product & Pictures Customize your restaurant menu list and online food ordering system by adding your own photos for each product or make products featured. Extras Let customers to add extras at additional costs to their online food order and customize their meal. For example, they can add extra tomatoes, onion or mozzarella to their pizza, dressing of choice or add another extra but only of you allow it. Pick-up Address & Delivery Area Set all pick-up locations and delivery areas in your restaurant delivery software and your customers will be able to see locations and areas on the map. Smart Calculations Total amount due is calculated based on a single customer order, and includes also quantity, additional extras and discounts. All prices and vouchers can be managed easily through the food delivery system back-end. Google Map Integration Google Maps integration makes our online ordering system convenient and user-friendly. Customers can see pick-up addresses and delivery areas when they order food online. Voucher System Manage your own voucher system with recurring, fixed and discounts per day. When customer order food online, they will be able to use only voucher codes that have been added into the food ordering system. Payment Integration The Food Delivery Script has integration of the most popular payment gateways, as well as allows you to collect credit card details for offline processing. Contact us if you want us to add more payment gateways to your online food delivery system. Copyright © 2013 Eat All Day, All rights reserved.
Capone's is a pizza/burger takeaway which has been in Wibsey many years. They don't deliver - you phone your order in and it's ready in about 20 minutes. I can honestly say that they make the best pizzas I have ever tasted, bar none! Just wish they had a delivery service.
There's no pizza like Capones. They don't do delivery but they don't have to. I'd travel anywhere for their pizza it's amazing! I highly recommend their jallepeno and also the garlic dip it's a must!
The burgers were over cooked, and the chips are like cardboard, very disappointing
Very helpful, very friendly service. Excellent communication and customer care. I called the company and within the hour the work was taken care of, would definitely use again and recommend to friends and businesses alike. A++
Very friendly and speedy service. Great communication throughout. The work was carried out within the hour. Would definitely use again and recommend this service to friends and businesses alike. A++
Speedy collection, very polite and friendly. Really genuine man. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.
Excellent service very happy friendly will call again i will definitely recommend to others thank you
This is a traditional retail pie shop, that was arguably most famous for the Bolton Wanderers-at-Burnden era, when players, staff and fans all used to treat themselves to the fresh pies. Today the business goes on although the Wanderes have moved, and the name is more popular as ''Burnden Park Pie Shop", the fresh pies are just as good, and they also do Wholesale and Frozen Pies.
My French doors leading to the conservatory were causing the door lock to seize. I had a locksmith look at the lock and he said the doors were a little out of alignment and that was the cause of the lock seizing up. He said the complete door assembly may need to be replaced. The door hinges were not the adjustable type. I contacted British Window Repair Company about replacing the doors and arranged a visit. Instead of trying to sell me a new door set up which could be quite expensive he said it could be repaired. Half an hour later, the doors are working fine and I don’t have to fork out for new doors. The cost of the repair, an adjustment to the windows inside the door frame, was very reasonable. If you want an honest job done well at a good price you should use this firm. In the future they will certainly be my first call and I can fully recommend them.
British Window Repair Co have done work for us at our house 3 years ago and more recently last month (September). The work which consisted of pvc window replacements, alterations and repair to existing door and window fittings, guttering and roof edge work, plus a garage roller door replacement was of the highest standard which was completed on time and at a very competitive price. They are highly skilled, experienced and reliable. We believe them to be second to none and unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone seeking a first class company who will always deliver what they promise and can be utterly relied upon.
Don’t go anywhere else!!! This family firm is brilliant. It is efficient, prompt and reliable. The quality of the service is impeccable. We’ve had this company twice, and each time, have been delighted with the result. Competitive quotes, combined with a personal service which is warm and friendly, make British Window Repair Company well worthy of our custom........just wish we needed a porch!!!
I would like to say a big thank you to British Windows! I found this company on yell and I must say I would recommend them to anybody who wants a quick and excellent job. I contacted them after being let down by a different company also found on yell, after explaining my situation they came and completed the job the next day.
From phone call to having 3 windows fixed took less than 24 hours! Previous 2 companies I tried didn't even come. I had two locked windows and no key and one window lock type bolts that had stopped working, all sorted and a good price. Would highly recommend
Geoff and Tracey have fitted double glazing, composite front door and internal UPVC doors All carried out very well, quickly and at reasonable cost
Great service, great price and fantastic work. Highly recommended from the 1st phone call to the job completed, thank you Geoff and Tracey
Very reliable family run business, with competitive prices.
Excellent would defintley use again
After visiting many Indian restaurants in the area we discovered this was a cut above the rest, food wonderful with a twist, staff with a sense of humour and a complimentary baileys at end of meal, will be back next week ! Thankyou
Really enjoyed our first meal here, we visit many Indian restaurants but this was a cut above the rest, great menu food brilliant staff have sense of humour , thankyou
I had a lovely food in there the other day, Great customer service. Thanks Birothi for a wonderful night.
Loved the Indian food. Keep it up Birothi People. Very nice!
Very nice Indian food. Keep it up Birothi people.
My son has been taught the drums by Ralph for over 2 years now and my wife and I are really happy with the lessons. I would like to unreservedly recommend that if you are considering drum lessons for yourself or your kids, then I am confident you will also be happy with Ralph. This is because my son Tyler, who is now 12 has made really good progress and is now working towards grade 4 with Trinity Guildhall. Very importantly, as well as making great progress, Tyler looks forward to his lessons as there is enjoyment and fun mixed in with the hard work that grading takes. Ralph never rushes and I feel the lessons are really good value for money.
Peter does a great job and is reliable, which is important to me. It is nice to have him keep our windows clean on a regular basis and have a nice chat in the process. Not being a large business means he is well priced and delivers a personal service. Thank you
I called bath spa taxi today after calling abbey taxi in bath. My daughter needed a taxi from the ruh in bath to Bristol. Abbey said they didn't have a credit card machine, which is ridiculous for a company of their size. Bath spa taxi is now my first choice. Both members of staff I spoke to couldn't do enough to help, were polite, and over all a much better telephone manner. I recommend to all looking for a taxi to use this company.
Been using this taxi service for a while now and always arrived on time,courteous and polite and efficient, especially I understand with new management.
Small company, but caring and reliable Little tip book in advance if poss as they do get busy
A reliable taxi service I would recommend
Sam came over to give us a price for some tree work we wanted doing. He gave us some great advice and was very competitive on price. The work was quickly carried out and our garden left looking fantastic and tidy A+ Service
Did a nice job of the tree, well balanced and considerate with our garden fence which was a concern. Fair price and really good service all round - quick but not too quick. Would definately recommend and use again!
Martin and his lads were very professional and efficient. Were willing to work with me to get the right height. Also gave me some pointers on reviving some flowers I had.
ASM was recommended to me by a friend for a shoulder problem I had which restricted my movement in all directions. After a short consultation, and some testing on my shoulder, ASM treated the area and I had full range of movement and was pain free within 20 minutes : ) For the remainder of the treatment the other shoulder was checked and treated and a massage to my back, shoulders and neck followed.
Can't recommend Anthony at ASM highly enough. After many months of waiting and various treatments on the NHS I really didn't think anything more could be done to help release my painful frozen shoulder. I'm so glad I gave him a call, through various treatments over a number of weeks he definately saved me from having to under go surgery. I am now pain free with regained movement & confidence.
I contacted ASM due to hip pain following exercise. After completing an assessment of my hips, pelvis and legs, a single treatment on these areas completely removed the pain which has not returned since. The service provided was very profesional and everything during the treatment was clearly explained. I would highly recommend ASM!
ASM offers a professional, knowledgeable and friendly service. After many years of neck, shoulder and arm pain from office work, ASM used a range of treatments to eliminate my pain and improve my movement and flexibility. He also offered me advice and exercises to support me to improve my everyday posture whilst at home and in work.
Following a full knee replacement operation I've experienced lots of muscles tightness after exercise in my hamstring and calf muscle. I went to see ASM for a sports massage which did just the trick. I now visit ASM once every 4/6 weeks to keep the tightness at bay.
Great job since 2001. Competitive prices. cheerful and always smiling. Highly recommended. At Taylor Burgess Mr. Aitken has been cleaning our windows since 2001 we have found him a reliable and always pleasant and a competitive price. Mr Aitken has less hair and less teeth but come 'rain or shine' he is always smiling. Thank you Mr. Aitkin.
Andy has been cleaning the windows at my house for the past 12 months. He is reliable, conscientious and does a great job. I recently paid him to clean the upvc roofline which hadn't been done since installation and they came up well. Would recommend him if you need a window cleaner.
Andrew has cleaned the windows at my house for the past 12 months. I have found him to be a pleasant reliable person who is excellant at his work. He recently cleaned the upvc roofline which came up well. I would recommend him if you need a window cleaner
Linda has been cleaning for me for the past 5 months. I am extremely happy with her work, she does a really thorough job and is happy to do any extra chores as required. She is very reluable and punctual and I would recommend her with no reservation
Andy has been cleaning my windows for years. He always does a good job and is reliable and friendly - we usually have a bit of a talk when he comes round to do the job. I have recommended him to neighbours and friends and willcontinue to do so.
I got same-day cleaning of some very badly gunked up gutters - not the easiest to get to either as they're particularly high! This was in the rain as well, so I was doubly impressed and the price was very fair. Very impressed
Andy is very prompt, professional and efficient! I would strongly recommend him.
We used Andrew to design and produce plans for a single storey rear extension to our kitchen. His knowledge of the planning department in the local council enabled a swift and easy gaining of planning permission. Communication throughout the process was excellent and the deliverables were done in a very timely manner. Would highly recommend.
Andrew designed a garden room extension on the house and a workshop at the rear of our garage. The plans were swiftly completed with all our requests included. Our builders were as impressed with the plans as we were. Andrew is the fourth architect we have used in 40 years and is easily the best by far.
Highly recommend Angel Plumbing and Heating. Good knowledge and reasonable rates. Very impressed - will definitely use again if required.
On time and a job done right! Very happy with the service that Angel Plumbing provided in my boiler replacement at a very good price.
Charge £50 for a quote!
I’ve been coming to Albina’s salon for nearly a year now. I have never been disappointed in the quality of the colouring or the cut. Albina is a delightful young lady and I feel in safe hands when she does my hair. The salon is always clean and tidy, and the appointments on time. I appreciate the consultations and trust Albina. I would recommend her without hesitation.
I had a very warm and friendly welcome in Albinas Salon. She is a top class stylist and made me feel very relaxed. The Salon itself is beautifully decorated and created a luxury, pampered feel to my salon experience. I am really happy with my fabulous new hair cut and will definitely be returning. I highly recommend Albinas Salon 10/10
I have been a client of Albinas saloon since her opening and have been extremely delighted with her hairdresser skills. I would recommend you to give her a go and I am sure you will return. She is a brilliant and professional hairdresser and will continue to use her skills as a fabulous hairdresser.
Albina has been cutting my hair for couple of years now. I am quite a fussy client but nothing is too much trouble and I wouldn't go anywhere else. You will find Albina's Salon friendly with a relaxed atmosphere and at affordable prices.
Very pleased with my hair cut, colour and highlights. Great advice and friendly service from Albina's. Made to feel totally at ease and relaxed, reasonably priced and will definately come back again.
Popped in for a gents cut without a booking must have got lucky probably best to call first . best hair cut I've ever had to be honest i'll return for sure. very relaxed atmosphere ... Ty
Amazing amazing amazing! Always does as i ask and always leave with a smile! Well experienced and very friendly! Highly recommend & the best hairdresser I’ve had done my hair.
My hair feels so soft and it was so relaxing in the Salon , you have a wonderful touch and a top class stylist I look fab....
amazing hair cut for my 13 year old nephew he was really happy with the look and service was brilliant also great price.
Great hairdressers. Made to feel very welcome , super haircut. Very happy
I would like to take this opportunity to convey my thanks in regards to the treatment I received from you form my shoulder. For some month I had consulted the NHS as I could not move my arm above shoulder height, or reach behind or to the side. After the first treatment I was able to raise my arm fully, and also reach my seat belt with ease. The subsequent treatments ensured that any residual dullness was eased away, and I am now totally pain free and able to use my arm to its full capacity. Initially a sceptic, I am now a firm believer in the techniques you employ. Thank you once again.
My osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis has been horrifically painful holding up my daily life in many ways for over 30 years. Now I have pain-free, cramp-free, pins & numbness free in the back,hips, legs&hands. My daily life marvelous! Plus, more energy, therefore better circulation. You have got down to the root of the matter that others could not. it tells it's own story. I have my life back......Many thanks. Mrs P BURNHAM
I bought a massage and acupuncture for my boyfriend from Groupon and he loved it. They asked him where he had pain in his back and focused on that area for the acupuncture and then gave him a great massage. Would definitely go back at normal price. Thank you!
We have recently employed the services of A.S. Mylestone Remedial Services, and feel the work Mr Myles and his team provided deserves written recognition. The dining area of our home is below ground level and subsequently the existing tanking system had eroded which caused substantial damp to the wall and wet rot and collapse of the floor area. (We have lived at the property over 25 years). After trying fruitlessly to claim through my building insurance, (Wear and tear not included!), I went about sourcing a contractor who was both a) A professional in this field b) Reasonably priced I looked at various websites, and found A.S. Mylestone site to be the most user friendly and uncomplicated. (I also wanted to support a local business). I telephoned Mr Myles the proprietor, and arranged a visit to examine the problem and provide an evaluation and estimate. Mr Myles was very punctual and rather than adding to our “worst fears” as to how big a problem the job was, he put me at ease by explaining “it wasn’t as bad as it looks” and “could be remedied”. Following a complete assessment of what was required, (full cement based tanking and membrane to the wall, damp proof and re-floor the entire dining area, cement gully to the exterior wall). Mr Myles explained he would send me a quote in the post with no sales pitch or follow-up pressure. The quote duly arrived within a week which looked very professional with all Mr Myles credentials and included a 30 year guarantee. The estimate was reasonably priced for the work required, and I contacted Mr Myles to agree a date for commencement. Subsequently, Mr Myles and his team arrived at our property and carried out the work with minimum disruption to our living accommodation, total professionalism and courtesy, well within timescale and clean and tidy. Following the completion of the work to our “renewed” ding area, I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Myles and his company for any damp related work or any other services his website advertises. Having a Builders Guild backed 30 year guarantee protecting the work completed, only adds to the security and confidence we have in recommending A.S. Mylestone Remedial Services.
I had A S Mylestone in to deal with really bad rising damp on a property I had just bought. The work was completed on time and although by the nature of the job (removal of old plaster throughout the ground floor up to 1m in height then tanking and skimming) the mess was kept to a minimum. In addition to this, early on during the job I was informed that they wouldn't have to do some of the work for which was initally quoted so the final bill was £250 less than I originally expected - bonus! I found the company professional throughout with a high degree of integrity and a genuine desire to get the job done properly... I guess they wouldn't provide a 30 year guarantee if they weren't confident in their finished product. I would recommend this company for any damp issues you may have in your property.
I used this company to deal with a damp problem I'd been having with an upstairs bedroom wall. They removed the old plaster, tanked the wall and re-plastered with water proof coating, finishing with renovating plaster and then skimming, I've had a lot of jobs done on the house (typical Glossop old stone terrace beset with damp problems). This company has been the easiest to deal with by far. I got the impression they were honest traders looking to establish a good reputation. Their professional approach (well presented, detailed quote that they honoured); punctuality (8.30 start); reliability; competitive pricing and above all; obvious experience in doing this kind of work, impressed. I will be definitely using them in the future.
Very satisfied with the work that David and Steve did on my bungalow 3 days ago (and I have previously used them on a different job some years ago). They are polite and efficient. The replastering job is excellent. You literally cannot see the join to the existing plaster. They cleaned up after the job. They booked me in for a specific day, turned up as agreed, and on time. Any email or call beforehand/after the work is done is responded to. A refreshing change from workmen who are vague about when they will turn up/then don't turn up when supposed to/don't respond to calls!
Great quality of work, Approachable tradesmen, high standard of work carried out on over 67 jobs over 7 years for me. Never had to go back to one job!. Priced against the other people in the trade they are cheaper but the quality of work is to the highest standard I have seen in this industry. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of AS Mylestone. I have passed the details of this company onto plenty of people and every person has said the same thing. Well done guys, keep up the good work !
I was dreading having a new damp course installed because of the disruption. Mr M and J are very experienced and their efficiency soon put me at ease. Mess was kept to a minimum and was cleared up afterwards. They worked very hard, kept me informed of progress at each stage and did exactly what they said they would for the price quoted. I would not hesitate to recommend Mylestone and will be using them again soon
we live in Ashton Under Lyne, had a really bad damp problem. after several years of cost and being ripped off, we were recommended by a friend to try this company, They did what they said they would do, cleaned up every day, for the first time in ten years i walk into my house after work and there is no smell of dampness. fully recommend. thanks fellers.
From the moment I met David, I was confident that I had the right team for the job. The quote was below what I'd been quoted by other companies, and they were able to fit the work in quickly. On the day, David and his team were very efficient and the work was completed to an excellent standard. I would definitely use A.S. Mylestone again.
Brilliant job done, great guys. Just had rising damp problem fixed and was very impressed with the quality of the work done. They were professional, hard working and very friendly. The work also came with a 30 year guarantee. I will definately use them again and have no hesitation in highly recommending them to others.
We just had ASM LTD. Put a new timber floor in our front room. Together with a full dampcourse with tanking, The plastering was fantastic. Everything was perfect. Came on time everyday. Cleaned up, everyday before they left. Really impressive. Fully recommend. Did a great job pointing also to our gable wall.
After providing a super-fast quote, Alex decorated our newly fitted kitchen to a very high standard. We were very particular about the quality of the paintwork around our new units and Alex did a very neat job. We were also pleased that he was able to do the tiling around our cooker and in the cloakroom. The high-gloss finish on our doors is very impressive and some of our friends have commented on how nice they look. Since then, Alex has also decorated our hall/stairs/landing and a bedroom and, again, we were delighted with the finished product. Highly recommended.
We have used Alex and Jason before. On this occasion, Jason gave us a competitive quote, including materials, for decorating two bedrooms. We had plenty of time to choose the colours. Jason turned up on time, made an excellent job of preparing and making good and produced two immaculately decorated bedrooms. Jason and Alex have a meticulous approach and leave everywhere neat and tidy. We will be contacting them for a living room and hall, stairs and landing in the spring. The regular supply of coffee and biscuits seems to have been appreciated! Roger, Wetherby
Arranged for alex to quote for hall stairs and landing which was very comprehensive covering all work included and figure was a good price. He completed the work to a very high standard being punctual and very tidy through out the job. Whilst here we got a price for lounge/diner later in year which we booked again and once more this was completed to our entire satisfaction. Will definately use him again and have recommended him to neighbours friends and family.
Alex very kindly provided a quote for our insurance company following our water leaking accident. He was able to provide high quality paint for the room in our choosen colour as well as perform preparation work to repair the water damage. Alex worked quickly and was able to finish in time for our Christmas deadline. He also returned later to adjust the height of our work surface to ensure a professional finish. We would suggest Alex to our family and friends.
An excellent painting and decorating job undertaken by WhiteRow Decorators. Having invested in a good quality refresh of all 12 of our internal doors we wanted the doors and the surrounding paintwork to be given a quality finish. WhiteRow certainly fitted the bill and we are extremely happy with their work. They came each day at the times promised, worked hard, cleared up and tidied after themselves. Would certainly recommend to anyone
Alex has decorated my house externally and internally; I was fortunate enough to get him to come down south! His workmanship is of the highest quality and no detail is too small for him to attend to. He will always discuss what needs to be done or let you know when there are problems that need to be attended to. All in all, outstanding workmanship and you will not be disappointed if you select him to do jobs for you.
Alex worked with a professional attention to detail, especially in preparing walls for decoration - doing more than had been planned. His work is immaculate, with great care for detail and completing the work quickly and efficiently, including coming back to add extras agreed. He also reduced his bill for work later regarded as unnecessary and in every way earned our complete satisfaction.
Alex decorated our Dining room and also made a cupboard to house our boiler which is on the Dining room wall. Alex is hardworking, polite and does a professional job. The cupboard is fantastic and he also put me a shelf in so I can use it for storage as well. Completely satisfied, will definitely use again.
Alex decorated my parents dining room when they had a new boiler fitted. Not only did he do an amazing paint work but he also custom built a storage cupboard to conceal the boiler and add extra storage space! Really pleased, will be asking for his help in my future projects.
Jason & Alex were, as usual, utterly dependable. From coming out to estimate & setting a date for the job to giving a top quality finish, they always do a great job. We have used them several times & would always be our "go to" decorating contractor.
excellent flexible service, we left our border collie with Simon for the weekend in march whilst we were on holiday and have used him ever since. good honest service has really built up a relationship with our dog, she loves her walks through the forest! reccomended.
Thankyou so much for looking after Sacha while we were away, will use again for our hols
Always leave my dog with Simon when we go away, the dog loves him
Thankyou for looking after my boys
Simon is excellent with my dog
Great service 5 stars*****
My laptop had two problems: first, it overheated very quickly after turning it on. I couldn't play online videos without them crashing or just failing to load, and it was a hassle. Second, the screen was badly damaged, and I needed to get it replaced. I took it to Yane, who told me the screen for my particular kind of laptop was rather pricey, and he suggested I instead consider buying a new replacement for only slightly more than the new screen would have cost me. I chose to get the screen replaced anyway, so he made an effort to find the cheapest price possible. He even said he would feel bad if I ended up spending so much money on a new computer screen. I could see that the bottom line wasn't all about the money for him, it was also about customer satisfaction. I left my laptop with him on Thursday, and the following Monday he called me and told me it was ready for pick-up. Surprisingly quick! I went to pick up my laptop, and he told me he found me a really nice new screen that was slightly less expensive than the one he originally gave me a price for. Now my computer works great! Everything looks beautiful on my laptop now, and the screen is pretty perfect. In addition, I'm pretty sure he fixed my overheating problem without charging me! He had mentioned that it was an "easy fix," but I assumed he was going to charge me more, and since I was on a budget, I decided not to address that problem. But my laptop works like a charm now. Feels brand new! This was my second time going to Yane, and I'll definitely be going back for my computer repair needs. He is honest, fair, and pretty much the bomb.
I was a walk-in customer with a laptop that wouldn't open its software. I have a contract with Microsoft but they said they couldn't help. Yane diagnosed the issues -- there were several -- and gave me a choice of "just getting it running" or repairing it properly. I chose the latter. Both were affordable. I now have it back, 5 days later, working faster & better than it has for years. Yane did a lot more than just getting it working, he removed some border malware that had snuck in, "tuned" it, even left a couple of programs on it to make maintenance easier. I think he's super. I also asked him about buying a replacement and got a free tutorial on the current laptop market. It's not a good feeling when your computer goes down. But it's great to know who to call to get help.
I have always been self conscious about relationships, my life was shattered ever since Ryan left me for another woman due to unknown reasons. i swore to never love a man again. mum always advised me to move on, but i love Ryan . Ryan meant everything to me . i looked for means to bring him back and he never came back to me, i was asked to try a spell caster online. i tried a few but all proved abortive until i met Dr Ogudu ( a psychic/spell caster ). he is such a nice man , and he helped me bring back Ryan in 4 days .Ryan came back begging me to forgive him. Right now, we are both together growing stronger and stronger each day. you can contact Dr Ogudu on "[email protected]". or you can check his website on droguduspells.webs.com .Thank me later
My child has been attending the nursery before he clocked 1 (over 2 years) and the staff have been fantastic. The facilities, activities and programmes and are exceptionally good and I would always recommend the nursery.
Dear Janice, Gary came to us last year to give us a quote for our hall way as we have had work carried out by Gary before at our old house in Dukes Avenue, Theydon Bois. Unfortunately I was swayed by the builders as their cousin specialised in floor restoration too. Needless to say they didn’t do a particularly good job and now we have the remaining dining room and completion of the hall way to do. Would Gary like to come down again to see whether he would like to take on the job and to give us a quote to complete the project for us? Regards Lesley
Gary and his team are true professionals delivering a high standard of work. They have stripped two floors turning them from black damaged floor boards into lovely honey coloured floorboards, a real asset to my house. They worked hard and always turned up when promised. They are a friendly team and explain the work and the process they go through to achieve the final result. I have recommended using them to friends and family.
Had a personal recommendation from a friend to use this company. This is our second renovation project. We decided to invest in a herringbone floor and really pleased we did, it looks stunning. It has now given us the inspiration for the rest of the house, just hope the rest of it looks as good as the flooring. Refreshing to have it all go so smoothly and on time. Thank you, for making this happen.
Gary and his team repaired an old Oak parquet floor we found under our carpet, couldn’t believe how well it came up, not only that but you wouldn’t know it had been repaired, you can’t tell which blocks were replaced. It makes the room look so much bigger, hoping we can find another under the carpet. Thanks guys from John & Fran .
We had our parque flooring brought back to life by Gary. The knowledge he showed on the first visit made us feel very confortable about contracting with him. He proved to be very easy to deal with and accomodating to our schedule yet the end product is very professional. Won't hesistate to ask him to do more work for us in the future
A very helpful and pleasant team of people. From the moment i called the office to the moment their team left my home they were quick, precise and efficient. I would definatly recommend this company and will be using them again. My floor surpassed my expectations and will be having the rest of my floors revived in due course.
I moved into my flat and pulled up the old carpet to find an old Parquet floor that left a lot to be desired filthy damaged and badly scratched, Touchwood Floors came and worked wonders I was left speechless, my floor is beautiful, it truly looks brand new, the workmanship is outstanding. Jennifer Jones
Recommended to me by a friend, got in touch for a quote on Tuesday and the work had been completed by Friday! Great communication, punctual and reasonably priced. A very positive experience, I too will recommend you, thanks again for your hard work and making my floor look like new again!
Wanted to have my floors completely renewed, as I was putting it on the market. They worked late to complete it and was very pleased with the outcome, looked like a newly installed floor. My first viewer made us an offer, this really helped show it off. Can’t thank you enough
Janice Many thanks for getting back to me. I should mention that you also sanded my Aunts floors on Colchester Road and my Brother’s on Forest Drive, so you come very well recommended! Look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards Asha
Beautiful tea rooms lovely breakfasts to devine homemade cake worth a visit
The landlady of this pub is probably the rudest woman I have ever met. I wouldn't recommend anyone, particularly if they have children, to pay good money for food and drink there. This landlady needs a lesson in how to speak to her customers. Do not use the children play area, it is old and broken down, a health and safety nightmare.
Very good standard of home cooked food Excellent value 4 adults two children three starters six mains three puddings Two rounds of drinks for ninety pound?
I was glad I stumbled upon this secornd hand book shop! Two floors of heaven for a book lover.
Its like stepping back in time old fashioned shop and staff is so helpful it is a delight to shop there cheap to
Tasty hot food, clean and 5* hygiene rating. Friendly family run business by Linda and les.
We come from Australia every year to travel the UK by narrow boat for 6 weeks. We use launderettes in our travels, and in 10 years of doing this, Dolly Tub stands out as the absolute best. The washers are clean, quick, really spin the clothes well, not leaving them soaking wet, and are reasonably priced. The dryers are a little expensive in time per pound, but work well and are less expensive overall for getting your clothes dry. Flo and her team are doing a good job and deserve to do well.
used delivery service, brilliant all shirts on hangars and covered , well ironed, army son approved, good value for money, lovely staff always look after him even at short notice and perfect for bedding and towels
went to the dolly tub as my machine had broke what a lovely bunch of girls so helpful n thoughtful made me a cuupa n helped me load machines nothing was to much trouble would really recommend this laundrette
i was very disappointed with the service and I found the staff was very rude and unprofessional.
Lilly is so helpful and informative and determined to uncover the cause of the symptoms. I have been suffering from left sided tinitus and the treatment I have received not only alleviated the symtoms but with Lilly's persistence the cause was tracked down to muscles in my neck being damaged.
Made some good money today with this company, I found the staff very helpful, good honest prices made and paid. Hope to deal with them more in the not to distant future! Highly recommend A+++
Excellent metal recycling facility great for trades, professionals and domestic metal recycling polite and friendly all types of metal taken fairly priced same day payments perfect
Called at there yard with some old upvc windows and profile off cuts, decent price paid for what I had, will call back again when im in the area next doing work.
Excellent service, staff pleasant and efficient, all in all, first class to do business with.
Very nice guys to deal with very professional service thanks p a environmental ltd
Very good service all ways happy to help and advise you can pick up larger items
Best local scrap yard without a doubt !
Great company . Best prices in Thanet
Had micro blading here and lashes, not a nice experience, brows noticeably odd said would correct them until I complained about lashes we're itchy,massive gaps fell out within 3 days glue very noticeable, awful attempt as she got very aggressive wouldn't accept she rubbish, I trusted gemma in tan box but obviously was wrong she needs reporting with how she deals with complaints, I will see who to complain to,not wish that experience on my enemy, awful nightmare
A sunbed shop that does other beauty things such as nails, fish pedicure, automatic spray tan booth, eye lashed, hair and hair extensions. Well worth a visit. Cheerful staff and great prices!
lots of sun beds and showers but they also do spray tans in a private booth, fish pedicures, nails, eyes, lashes, hair colour and extensions. Great prices!
Just had my lashes done with Gemma and I absolutely love them. She made me feel nice and relaxed and I love how the lashes look!
just been for last min spray tan, automatic self tanning booth, fabulous, defo recommend .
Brilliant service. I had some old music VHS tapes from when I was in a band over 40 years ago. Ray transferred them to DVDs and I was amazed at the quality when I got them back, also the artwork. He also transferred some slides from over 50 years ago to DVDs. Friendly and professional service. Many thanks.,Brilliant service. I had some old music VHS tapes from when I was in a band over 40 years ago. Ray transferred them to DVDs, I was amazed at the quality and the artwork he had done on the DVDs. He also transferred hundreds of slides from over 50 years ago which were excellent quality. Friendly and professional service. Many thanks. John f.
I had seven old cassettes from a cam corder that I knew roughly what was on them, but not 100% sure. I sent them to Ray to convert them to DVD. What came back was amazing. He had text on the DVD's to easy identify them, the image quality was as it was from all those years ago too, not faded at all. Very quick turn around service too. I have other VHS tapes that I am now sorting to send.
A top quality service at a great price very fast turn around . Turns old videos into great memory's such a great thing to look back on Thank you so much for making my wife so very happy seeing our wedding put on to DVD from over 40 years ago
It has been a pleasure to deal with Spa many times for transfer of archive images to disc. In spite of the age of the material quality is first-rate, prices reasonable and the work has been carried-out very promptly.
I had some old VHS tapes that had been collecting dust in a cupboard, took them to Ray, and he has worked wonders, I am now able to watch all my old videos again. Thank you for transferring to dvds for me
Ray has put a video onto a dvd, slides onto a disc and taken old pictures from dvd and put onto a cd for me, all great. A very quick and efficient service. Thanks
Great service and fast turnaround at a very competative price. Would recommend to all my friends and family.
Very good, great communication, great prices and a great job. I would definitely recommend to others.
Would highly recommend this company
Very helpful and very quick service
I have used Smartstep Computers since it stared 15 years ago. During that time I have needed to have considerable support and have from time to time had to call on them as a matter of urgency. At all times the response has been very fast, the issues has been sorted out efficiently, with good humour and recommendations have been made as to how to proceed. I have purchased computers from Smartstep which have then been set up for me and I have recommended the company to others who have also had and continue to have a very positive experience. This is a company responds promptly, works efficiently and effectively.I recommend this company without reservation
I have been using Smartstep Computers for several years and have never been disappointed with the service, knowledge and expertise. The prices are extremely competitive, they always arrive on time. they also deal with sales and I have bought a considerable number of items and have not been disappointed with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend SMARTSTEP for their service and willingness to get things "back on the road".
Michael of Smartstep Computers has acted for us over the last 5 years and we have pleased with his service during that time.He deals with problems and responds to our calls for help very quickly and efficiently and is always on time. As my partner and myself are not very "computer literate" he is very patient and helpful in dealing with my computer and my partner's lap top which we really appreciate. John Ridings 16 August 2018
Michael who runs smart step is always willing, quick to respond, always tackles the problem on a timely basis and deals with most challenges efficiently - although in the way of computers, some issues take a little longer. Even when they do, he follows the issue through doggedly. I've used him for several years now and he's kept up to date as software develops. Thoroughly recommended.
I have used Michael's experise on a number of occasions over about 10 years for repairs, virus removal and even the purchase of one upgraded machine. He has sorted all the problems, even down to advising me NOT to buy a new computer because mine was still still working well. Advice like this is a bit unusual - it's more usual to be exhorted to spend money, not save it!
I regularly call on Smartstep when I have a computer problem. The response is always prompt, the problem is sorted and the charge is very reasonable. I have also bought computer items through them and been very pleased. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
used this shop for yrs, but recently went in, new owners, what a shame as they rude,un-inviting and made me feel very uncomfortable,pity as i liked there beds and service, and used to enjoy the chats i had in there with old owners.
As always a great welcome, clean tidy and always a smile
very clean, brill staff, so welcoming love it here,
Roger has been cutting our hair for at least the last 10 years. He is very patient, friendly, confident, reliable, and has never been late for an appointment. Really important to me is that he always clears up after the haircut. His prices are very competitive. Roger has cut, coloured, blown dried, permed and hi-lighted our hair over the years so I guess we have tried and tested most of his skills. We would all highly recommend him! Why not give him a call.....you wont be disappointed.
I would definitely recommend Roger he is a great hairdresser. Over the last fifteen years me and my family have tested all his skills. We are lucky to have found a hairdresser who has kept up with three generations of changing styles and colours. He is always on time and as well as being a great hairdresser is a very nice genuine person. Thanks Roger for your continual excellent service The Sale Family
Roger at Short & Curly's has done my hair off and over the years as well as that of my youngest son and middle daughter. Roger is very reliable and always willing as we often demand his service at short notice. Unlike most hairdressers Roger always gives you a better cut and colour than you ever imagine. I highly recommend this service.
Roger has been cutting my hair for over 6 years. I can recommend him as he is excellent at cutting hair! I am always able to get an appointment on the day I want, and Roger has fit me in at short notice, several times. Roger is also friendly, and nice to talk to. We always have a good laugh, whilst he cuts my hair!
I highly recommended Roger, an experienced hairdresser that truly understands your hair. I required a restyle, there was great care taken to fit the look I was after and very pleased with the results. Unlike going to a salon there is no need to go out, no distractions from others and very sensible pricing.
Roger has been cutting my hair for nearly thirty years (!) and In all that time he's never let me down. He is thoroughly professional and takes his time cutting my hair to ensure that he does a good job. He is good humoured and also a good listener. 100% Recommended. ,
What can I say, always so happy with my hair. Roger has been coming to our family for over 10 years and we all have our hair done. Nothing is too much trouble and he always take time to talk about changes you may want done. Certainly would not go anywhere else.
this was my first appointment today, for a cut and blow dry. Roger cut my hair exactly as i wanted it, i am very pleased with the way it looks. he is a very pleasant man, and insisted on clearing up when he had finished. i shall certainly be ringing him again.
Roger has been cutting my hair for 16 years ,i always get the cut i want and Roger is always polite ,on time and great value .I never feel rushed and Roger always listens to what i want doing with my hair .Please never give up hairdressing Roger .
Roger did a great job of taming my long locks. His professionalism immediately put me at ease. A hairdresser you can count on to deliver the style you want - and all for a very reasonable price! I cannot recommend him more highly :)
I saw Sarah Bowen for the first time in September 2013 for some verruca treatment on both of my feet. From the first appointment she made me feel really relaxed and reassured. She was very thorough at explaining the plan of treatment and giving me advice at preventing further reoccurrence. My case was rather persistent and needed several more treatments but I could see the improvement from the very beginning. My feet are now perfectly healthy and I couldn't be happier. I now see her once every so often for reflexology sessions which I had no idea they could be so beneficial on the body's overall health. She's really passionate about her field of work and to me, this is the most important thing for any professional! Plus, she likes a good giggle!
Having suffered with ingrown toe-nails on and off for the last few years - Sarah has been a brilliant solution to a very frustrating problem! I have been seeing her regularly for over a year and my toes are now back to normal due to her diligence! She is warm and friendly making you feel comfortable straight away whilst being thorough, detailed and matter of fact about what you should be doing to care for your feet. I highly recommend her, particularly to those nervous about having their feet treated as her calm manner helps settle any concerns you may have previously had.
I had never been to a chiropodist before so was a bit apprehensive as to what treatment i would need. I was impressed with her professionalism and most helpful approach to my problem and i would have no hesitation in recommending her to others with foot problems. She was also most helpful in advising me what action i could take as a patient after the treatment.
Sarah makes you feel at ease and relaxed I have just had treatment on my feet which I was very pleased with .I also have had a few reiki sessions on my leg which has been quite painful but thanks to Sarah it has improved a lot
I have been a patient of Sarah's for about 10 years.I have always found her to be a very friendly and kind person and an excellent chiropodist.I have recommended Sarah to many friends and family and they are all satisfied.
Sarah has helped with my feet for some years now and I have been extremely satisfied with her work. Highly recommend this chiropodist - Very personable and skilled at her trade.
Sarah is a very experienced and knowledgeable chiropodist and a very good conversationalist. it's a real pleasure to go for an appointment.
Best chiropodist treatment. Ongoing nail problem resolved. Total foot care and expert. Outstanding. Convenient to my commute. Step up.
I have been having problems with my feet for a while I came out walking on air after she had sorted my feet highly recommend
Sarah is an excellent reflexologist to whom I have been going for regular treatments for some time. Her other treatments are excellent as well. Always kind and caring. I would strongly recommend her . Also her charges for services rendered are very reasonable.
I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah's Reflexology treatments. She helped me through a difficult time health wise and I will definitely go to her again for more treatment if the need arises.
Relaxing, peaceful place to recharge batteries & very reasonable rates too!
I called the owner of company (Chris) re a small leak I had and from the time of his first visit he was friendly and painstaking in what he had to do and despite a minor problem in finding the leak and finally sorting it, I found him to be a real gent, turned up when he said he would and did not let me down. Hopefully the leak is sorted and I will be calling him back in Spring to give my roof a good all over check. His charges are very fair and when he came back a second time, he refused to take any payment so I would recommend him and his work to anyone. His working ethics indicate my statement re he is a 'real gent'. Oh and no I'm not family or friend just a grateful customer.
I called up roof right and within 24 hr s they came and quoted me .I was happy with the quote so went ahead and within a few days it was done .A 100% satisfied customer.A very friendly and reliable service and my garage roof is perfect...I highly recommend roof right!!
Proper tradesman does an excellent job of work at a competitive rate. Cannot recommend highly enough Chris is a great bloke .
Most of the places I go to get restrings have either disappeared or don't offer a restringing service anymore. The one's that are left are either very expensive or not very good and expensive :) A Google search turned up Mark's details with many satisfied customers. Gave him a try.....brilliant.....quick response to messages and a great restring at a sensible price. Peter, Thames Ditton.
I had two rackets returned within twenty four hours. Received very good advice on the choice of string and an appropriate string tension. The price is very reasonable versus the quality of the restring and the level of service. I'll get my next restring done here. Alastair R.
It's hard to find someone to restring badminton rackets. It's even harder to find someone who is any good. This guy delivers quality restrings at a good price and can do it quickly if needed. Lots of strings available. Yonex BG65 and ProsPro Tour 75 are my favourites.
We are regulars here for badminton, squash and tennis restrings. Really handy to have someone nearby who delivers great restrings at a fair price. The turnaround is quick if needed - much quicker than most places I've used before. Please don't move away!
I contacted Duncan for assistance with my self assessment return. He responded promptly, was very thorough with his advice and extremely helpful. I will definitely be using him again and would recommend to anyone requiring help, especially with self assessments for property income.
I've been getting messages about the end of support for Windows 7 so I decided to take the plunge and upgraded my 2 laptops and my main home computer to Windows 10. Mark was very efficient - I dropped off the computers in the morning and picked up 24 hours later. Everything was backed up for safe keeping, which I hadn't been doing. So if something goes wrong in the future I can easily fix it. Overall it was a painless process and I have learned a few things about keeping my files safe. 10 out of 10.
My Apple Mac laptop wouldn't start up. So I tried all my usual fixes when this happens but nothing worked. I had some important files on the hard drive that I didn't want to lose so I called a few places about recovering the data. Mark was the first to get in touch and he was fairly close to me. I took the hard drive out and left it with him. By the end of the day he had pulled off basically all of my files. Very pleased with the quick response and outcome.
My desktop computer that I use every day had become tiresomely slow. It took between 5 and 10 minutes just to start up and nearly everything I did had a lag time. I found Mark's website and decided to have him try and sort me out. After a system clean up, a new faster hard drive and a change to Windows version 10 my computer is like new. It starts up in about 30 seconds and my programs respond immediately. The cost was much less than buying new. Bravo.
Out of the blue my computer stopped working = error message then repeated restarting. I found a few local numbers to call and Mark was available within a few hours. My laptop was running Windows 7 so I decided to take his advice to update to Windows 10 at the same time. After 90 minutes my laptop was fixed and had windows10. He did a clean up of programs and old files and it seems to run much faster than before. Really pleased.
I tried to do the upgrade myself but it didn't go well and my laptop wouldn't start at all. I found Mark's details and left the computer with him and within three hours it was all done. Firstly it started up! Secondly it had the latest version of Windows 10 installed. Top marks. I like the new windows system.
Not only great massage from a pleasant lady but excellent advice on posture and exercises to maintain flexibility.
Nice man and an excellent and efficient tuner!
Dearest Vanessa Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the most beautiful and delicious CroquemBouche for James and Julia’s wedding...It went down a storm with the guests and Lord knows how you managed to get it to Hurst Castle in one piece..Bless you!! With love and gratitude from us all. Nadine Field, Hurst castle
Called Phil to clean out the guttering on our three storey house. I can confirm he is very trustworthy and pleasant. He did a great job at at very reasonable price. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again and will do so, I highly recommended him.
Extremely knowledgable assessment of our gutter issue (Georgian lead guttering). Explained everything in good detail very helpful and with photographs. Clearly just knows everything about guttering.
Old kitchen units have been transformed at a fraction of the price of replacing - Martyn advised then added Shaker-style borders to doors and drawers. The result is even better than I had hoped! Very professional job - Martyn is always reliable whether the job is big or small. I would certainly recommend him to anyone. Joan Grant, Hexham
Martyn is a competent joiner, always ready to accommodate more complicated jobs and bespoke items. He is happy to tackle all jobs, large or small. He is very pleasant, works thoroughly and is competitively priced
Martyn is a first class craftsman. All work is meticulous. He has looked after my home for 15years. He is my first choice at any time. I highly recommend him. Judith Youens Holy Island House, Hexham
Martyn is a professional joiner who delivers a first class bespoke service He is very trustworthy and I have no hesitation in recommending Martyn for any joinery job
Dave has done a great job on our garden, the transformation is unbelievable! He was very professional, had excellent communication, was reliable and friendly. We would certainly recommend Caspian Landscapes to others and have already asked for another job to be completed on our house. Thank you for all of your hard work, we are very pleased with the end product.
Dave has really transformed our garden. He worked diligently, always referring back to us with his ideas and suggestions , which were always better than our original plans! I would thoroughly recommend him.
Excellent fast service, nice guy, highly recommend ?
I run a small property rental company and I've come to rely on British Window Repair Company to carry out anything from the fixing of a window handle through to full window replacement. No job seems to be too small - handle and lock repairs have been carried out extremely quickly - and the level of customer service the house-holder receives is at the same high standard as would be delivered on more extensive projects. I find it reassuring that if a repair can be carried out quickly and cheaply then that is what is offered to the customer. There is no attempt to "up-sell" or incur unnecessary cost
Arranged via e-mail for company to take us to and from restaurant in central Bath. Journey to restaurant fine. At their request when we were nearing the end of our meal I telephoned them to give them 20 minutes notice at 21.22. As I had to leave a voicemail I also sent a text at 21.26. When we came out of the restaurant just after a quarter to ten we found there was no taxi waiting so I telephoned again to ask them to send the taxi. I then received a text at 21.54 saying "No problem Asap ". Subsequently after waiting some time for the taxi we were horrified to receive a further message saying they had no availability for this time as the driver had already gone to bed! This despite the fact that their web-site boasts 24 hours service. As a consequence we had to make alternative arrangements to get home. Needless to say we shall never use Bath Spa Taxis again .
Friendly and reliable taxi company. Excellent service from the person on the phone to the drivers. Highly recommend.
Excellent service, nice clean car and professional driver! Will definitely use it again. Thank you
very friendly staff and drivers. do recommend. tip: prebook your journey as they get busy.
I loved the quality of the service and the friendly attitude!
They are doing a very good job. I strongly recommend them.
Excellent quality service , conscientious and very reliable.
loverly,friendly and a great job{perm} well done with a cup of tea and a smile. Fair price so I will be returning. So glad to have found her.
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